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Cool 'n' Quiet !

Implemented on the K8V Deluxe motherboard, AMD Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology is the latest feature found on ASUS solutions. Cool 'n' Quiet! enables the CPU to monitor system loading and automatically tune CPU voltage and frequency, which results in lower temperature. Speed of the cooling fan is intelligently adjusted according to CPU temperature fluctuation from CPU loading adjustment, conserving power and reducing noise from the fan motor at the same time. If you are not using AMD's packaged fan, simply activate ASUS' Q-Fan feature to enjoy a quiet operation. The application interface of Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology clearly illustrates CPU status, providing a cool and quiet computing environment that also lengthens the lifecycle of CPUs and fans.

How to activate Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology ?

1. -Enter BIOS Setup Utility.
-Select <Advanced>.
-Select <CPU Configuration>.
-Go into <AMD Cool N' Quiet Configuration> and select <Enabled> to activate.

2. – Go back to BIOS Setup Utility.
– Select Power.
– Select <Yes> for <ACPI 2.0 Support>

3. Install Cool 'n' Quiet driver and application program from the support CD
4. Click <Start> <Settings> <Control Panel> <Display >
5.1 For Windows2000 and Windows XP, enter <Screen Saver> of <Display> and click <Power>.
Then select <Minimal Power Management> from<Power Schemes>.

5.2 For Windows ME and Windows 98, select <AMD's Cool 'n' Quiet(tm) Technology> from <Screen Saver> and click <Power>. Then Select <Automatic Mode>

6. Activate Cool 'n' Quiet from <Programs> <ASUS> <Cool & Quiet>

7. Cool 'n' Quiet is now activated on the K8V Deluxe.

If you are an owner of previous motherboard editions, please visit the ASUS homepage to download the latest driver.
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