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ASUS C.O.P. (CPU Overheating Protection)


ASUS C.O.P (CPU Overheating Protection) Technology is specially designed for ASUS AMD CPU Platform to prevent accidental cooling malfunction to cause CPU's burning down. Combined with ASUS' unique Hardware Monitoring mechanism and AMD AthlonXP thermal pins design, ASUS C.O.P Technology can protect the safety of both AMD CPU and users' ASUS motherboards better than ever before. When the CPU's temperature is over the default threshold, a signal will be sent to automatically shut down the system immediately. Thus the hardware investment is kept safe and sound. Unlike other ways controlled by BIOS or software, ASUS C.O.P Technology is more hardware-controlled and uninterruptible. However, this wonderful feature only works when users adopt AMD AthlonXP CPU.

How does C.O.P Technology work?

According to AMD AthlonXP's specification, a proper threshold temperature is set for secure criteria of ASUS models with C.O.P feature. And this is also the threshold temperature for ASUS C.O.P Technology to trigger. Under normal condition, CPU fan works great and the system temperature should keep far beneath the threshold temperature. However, some accident may happen such as fan failure or improper fan installation. No matter what factor it is, the temperature of CPU, because of heat CPU produces, would ramp at fast speed. On motherboards without C.O.P feature, the only result of this is that the user finds his computer slowing down, and then hanging up, and then blacking out and finally CPU in smoke. However, with C.O.P technology, as the temperature of CPU fluctuates, there will be a fluctuating voltage difference between specific two pins of AthlonXP CPU. With this, an ASUS sensor ASIC onboard can get the approximate temperature and judge if it is over the threshold. As long as the number reaches the temperature set, the ASUS ASIC will send a signal out to abort the system by cutting the electricity supplied to CPU. And then CPU temperature comes down. So, when users are using ASUS motherboards with C.O.P and find their system abort, very possible something goes wrong with their fans.

Why by hardware control?

ASUS found that traditional software-controlled method fails to guarantee the safety of CPU because heat produced may make the operation of application program and operating system unstable or even in malfunction. Thus, in the golden time of overheating, software-control method may fail to stop the system due to out of control. However, ASUS C.O.P monitors the system via hardware mechanism and it is more uninterruptible even though the OS or application program hung than other method does.

What benefit can user get from C.O.P Technology?

Of course, the biggest benefit users can enjoy is security of your computer. You can still keep the healthy CPU and the board. And all AMD platform motherboards will own this feature to pass the verification. Actually, users are enjoying the future technology earlier than other players for six months.

Which asus models provide such function?

Presently, ASUS models including A7M266-D, A7N266 Series, A7V266-EX, A7S333 and A7V333 own this feature. Actually all ASUS AMD ATX models will finally own this feature.

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