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CrashFree BIOS

My computer won’t turn on after BIOS upgrade!

I’m sure all computer enthusiasts have probably encountered situations like this. It’s common knowledge that to fully take advantage of motherboards and systems, BIOS upgrade is essential. Many users, however, still has “BIOS upgrade-phobia”, because a failed attempt could wipe out their systems, leading to wasting their hard earned bucks on a new BIOS.

Hence, ASUS introduced a new feature, CrashFree BIOS, to give users peace of mind when upgrading BIOS. Failed upgrade attempts, burnt BIOS and virus attacks are no longer problems with CrashFree BIOS. Simply insert a bootable floppy disk with the new BIOS code into the computer disk drive, and switch on the system. Select to use the disk to boot the system and after a few clicks on the keyboard under DOS, your BIOS upgrade is complete.

ASUS’ latest motherboards such as P4PE and P4GE-V motherboards support the CrashFree BIOS feature.

Please visit to find out more about CrashFree BIOS and other models support this feature.

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