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CrashFree BIOS 2

An Easy, Smart, and Quick “BIOS Auto-Recovery Tool”

The CrashFree BIOS 2 auto recovery tool allows you to restore BIOS from the motherboard support CD, or from a floppy disk that contains the BIOS file. In case the current BIOS on the motherboard fails or gets corrupted.
ASUS motherboards now enable users to enjoy this protection feature without the need to pay for an optional ROM.

With CrashFree BIOS 2, how does user do if his/her BIOS gets corrupted ?


1. When a corrupted BIOS is detected, the following message appears.

2. Place the support CD in the CD-ROM. The support CD contains the original BIOS for this motherboard.

3. When the BIOS update process is complete, reboot the system.

2. Award BIOS

1. Boot using the support CD. The support CD will automatically detect whether the BIOS is corrupted.

2. If the BIOS data or codes are corrupted, the message "The BIOS was corrupted! Do you want to recover?", appears.

3. Press "Y", to start auto-recovery procedure.

1. Without the need to pay for an optional ROM
2. An auto-recovery procedure for users easily recover the BIOS.

Please visit to find out more about CrashFree BIOS and other models support this feature.

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