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Updating BIOS from DOS and going through the complicated loading process could be extremely difficult and intimidating. EZ Flash, a quick BIOS access design by ASUS, is built into the BIOS firmware, permitting easy BIOS access and update by simply pressing <ALT>+<F2> right after POST (Power-On Self Test). Users may update BIOS even before loading operation systems, meaning No boot diskettes and DOS-based flash utilities are required with this advanced ASUS design.


1. Download the latest BIOS file name from the ASUS website to a floppy disk.
2. Reboot the computer
3. To use EZ Flash, press [ALT] + [F2] right after POST to display the following screen in Figure 1.
Figure 1
(The displayed BIOS information is for reference only. What you see on your screen may not be exactly the same as shown.)

4. Run EZ Flash, Refer to Figure 2
Figure 2

5. Insert the disk containing the new BIOS file into the floppy drive. You will receive the error message "WARNING! Device not ready" if you proceed to step 6 without the disk in the drive.
6. At the prompt "Please Enter File Name for New BIOS:_", type in the BIOS file name that contains the newest BIOS file from the ASUS website, then press "Enter". EZ Flash will automatically access drive A for the file name. When found, the following message in Figure 3 appears on screen.
Figure 3
(If you accidentally typed in a wrong BIOS file name, the error message "WARNING! File not found" appears. Press [Enter] to remove the message, and type in the correct file name. Press [Enter] )

7. "Continue to update BIOS (Y/N)" appears on the screen. Press [Y] to continue or [N] to exit EZ Flash.
8.Press "Y" for both items to completely update the main BIOS area and the Boot Block area. Refer to Figure 4. (Do not shut down or reset the system while updating the BIOS Boot Block area! Doing so may cause system boot failure.
Figure 4

9. When the process is complete, "Press a key to reboot" appears. Press any key to reboot system with the new BIOS.

Currently, the EZ Flash is featured in all ASUS motherboards featuring 533MHz FSB. For more information, please visit

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