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............................Instant Music

New Time Saving Feature -- Instant Music / Instant Music~Lite

The saying "time is money" is definitely true in today's ultra-competitive market. Every second you wasted can come back to haunt you in the end.

If you are using your system for music enjoyment and still going through the long process of Windows' Media Player, then you are way behind. Music is a good way to balance out your hectic day, but why waste time on waiting for Windows. ASUS' Instant Music feature allows you to listen to your favorite songs with only a few push on the keyboard.

Basic instructions:

1) Make sure the optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or CD-RW drive) is connected to the motherboard's 4-pin CD-In connector.

2) Connect your speakers to the motherboard's speaker-out or the optical drive's headphone-out.

3) Enable Instant Music / Instant Music~Lite function in BIOS menu.

If you have two optical drives, select the designated drive through Advanced's Instant Music CD-ROM. (See below)

Save BIOS setting and reboot your system.

4) Use either one of the two sets of special function keys on your keyboard to play audio CDs. These keys only function as indicated if you enabled the Instant Music / Instant Music~Liet in BIOS.

5) When you want to simply listen to music without turning on the system, insert your CD (not MP3 format) and press [ESC] to activate Instant Music / Instant Music~Lite. Enjoy.

* Instant Music includes these stickers below, you can place the sticker over the appropriate keys according to the pictures below.

<These stickers are not bundled with Instant Music~Lite>


Please visit to find out more about Instant Music and other models support this feature.

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