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MyLogo Series

Not enjoying your monotonous computing experience? ASUS motherboards, equipped with the MyLogo feature, can satisfy your demand for variety and personal style.

What is MyLogo Series?

It could get pretty boring being greeted by the same bootup logo every single time you turn on the computer. With the MyLogo Series, you can download your favorite image from Windows into the BIOS Flash ROM, providing a fast, convenient way to "decorate" your system.


The ASUS MyLogo2 is automatically installed when you install the ASUS Update utility from the software menu.
1. Launch the ASUS Update Utility.
2. As in figure 1, when the screen is displaying different BIOS update methods, select "Update BIOS from a file".
Figure 1
3. Specify the location of the BIOS file such as from a floppy disk then click on "Next".
4. Look at figure 2. From the selection that appears, choose a logo image. Click "Next". (You may also set up your favorite personal pictures as the boot logo, but you must make sure the formats are mGIF, mJPG or BMP).
Figure 2
5. After you select which image to use as the boot logo, the image will automatically enlarge to fit the entire MyLogo2 screen (figure 3). BIOS information will then be displayed and a notice will tell you that it is ready to switch to a new boot logo. Click "Flash" to renew.
Figure 3
Figure 4
6. Clicked "exit" and restart you computer (figure 4). Mission accomplished! Instead of starting from ASUS Update, you may also launch MyLogo2 directly from the Windows Start Menu to change you BIOS boot logo. After you have modified the BIOS file with the new logo, use the ASUS Update utility to upload the new BIOS in to the EEPROM.

MyLogo Series

Currently the MyLogo Series includes MyLogo and MyLogo2;
MyLogo supports16 colors, while MyLogo2 supports 256-color images, providing better quality graphics compared to its predecessor. ( MyLogo and MyLogo2 support 640x480 resolution)

Which ASUS boards come with the MyLogo Series?

MyLogo: P4B-E, P4B266, P4B266-E, P4S333, A7V333, P4S333/C, P4B, A7N266, A7N266-E, P4S133, P4S533
MyLogo2: P4B533, P4B533-E, P4B533-V, P4T533
For more information about the MyLogo series and other unique ASUS features, please visit


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