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ASUS Q-Fan Smart Cooling System Enables Quieter and More Efficient Fan Operation

With the Q-Fan cooling system, users can now work in a distraction-free environment with minimal system noise. This unique technology, which intelligently and automatically adjusts CPU fan speeds according to system load and temperature, is available only on motherboards by ASUS, the world's top designer and manufacturer of motherboards.

CPU cooling fans are the number one cause of noisy systems. Incorporating an ASUS-developed ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), which monitors CPU temperature and adjusts fan speed, the Q-Fan technology automatically lowers fan speed when CPU temperature decreased due to lighter system load, ensuring a quiet computing environment. And of course, when system load increases CPU temperature, the Q-Fan also intelligently pumps up fan speed for cool and stable system performance. Hence, the cooling fan is not constantly running at top speed, prolonging the life cycle of your cooling fan while conserving battery power.

The table below illustrates the Q-Fan's advantage over existing fan solutions. Fan speed of conventional motherboard fan technology remains the same even when system load is minimal. As you can see, when temperature is under 50¢FJ, Q-Fan automatically lowers fan speed. However, when temperature exceeds the 50¢FJ threshold, Q-Fan will increase speed for more efficient cooling.



Right out of the box, Q-Fan technology's default setting is [Disabled]. Please select [Enabled] in the BIOS to startup Q-Fan.

When this field is set to [Enabled], the Fan Speed Ratio and SpeedUp/Down Response Time items appear to allow selection of the appropriate fan speeds and the corresponding time..)

Fan Speed Ratio

This item allows you to select the appropriate fan speed ratio for the system. The default [10:15] is the minimum fan speed ratio. Select a higher ratio if you installed additional devices and the system requires more ventilation. Configuration options: [10:15] [11:15] [12:14] [13:15] [14:15] [Full speed].
Speed Up/Down Response Time

This item allows you to adjust the time period in which the Q-Fan technology monitors the CPU temperature. The Default is [4sec:8sec]. Configuration options: [1 sec:2 sec] [2 sec:4sec] [3 sec:6 sec] [4 sec:8 sec]
Which ASUS motherboards are equipped with Q-Fan?

The Q-Fan technology smart cooling system is available in the newer ASUS motherboards. For more detail information please visit


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