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ASUS MyPal A600 MyPal A730 Pocket PC

It's time to leave behind your notebook, digital camera, MP3 player and voice recorder… The ASUS MyPal A730 is one device to replace all.

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MyPal A716
MyPal A716 Pocket PC
Multimedia Performance

Looks May be deceiving.
The ASUS MyPal A716 is not only a Pocket PC, but this speed demon is also a road navigator, phone, radio, digital camera and presenter in disguise through additional GPS, GPRS, FM, Camera, or VGA card CF or SD modules. With built-in SD and CF card reader, there is no need to worry about how to store data while using certain function at the same time.

MyPal A716
MyPal A620BT
The Mobile Multimedia Center
Compact design, longer battery life, superior performance and of course, support for a full spectrum of multimedia applications, the ASUS MyPal A620BT incorporated all four elements and more to mobilize your multimedia experience.

MyPal A620
World's Smallest Pocket PC with Built-in CF Support
The MyPal A620 Series, the world's smallest Pocket PC with built-in CF slot to deliver superior multimedia support, offers unparalleled performance and expandability.

MyPal A600
The most slimmest and lightest Pocket PC in the world.
ASUS® Enters PDA Market With the World's Smallest, Lightest yet the Most Powerful Pocket PC The MyPal A600 includes Intel's PXA250 400MHz CPU in the world's most compact PDA casing.

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