ASUS GameFace Live
Best Team Speaking Tool for LAN Games

GameFace Live is the world's first multi-player voice and video chatting solution for PC games. Every computer equipped with an ASUS graphics card supports GameFace. It allows you to connect up to 8 players in any PC game that adopts the Microsoft DirectX technology. You can taunt your opponents, discuss strategies with teammates, groan in despair, and exult with a war cry - all in real-time! It's unbelievably cool. Those who've played LAN games and heard trash talk from the next cubicle know exactly what we mean.

Designed for online gaming

GameFace Live enables gamers to see and talk to each other even when they are located in different continents. Users of ASUS graphicscards can now taunt opponents, plan strategies with teammates, stare down the enemy and share a few laughs. PC gaming has never been this much fun.

Works in almost all PC games

GameFace Live supports almost all PC games that adopts the Microsoft DirectX technology. For games that require a clear view of the screen, the position and the size of each GameFace Live viewing window is adjustable. GameFace Live also allows you to change the transparency of the viewing window, providing interactive excitement without obstructing your PC gaming.

Watch TV and play games simultaneously

GameFace Live features a new TV tuner controller function. For systems with a TV tuner, GameFace Live can open a window for TV viewing in PIP (Picture in Picture) mode. Users can watch their favorite shows and change channels without leaving the games. No more struggling between your favorite TV sports show and Death Match invitation from your friends, just pop GameFace Live and enjoy them simultaneously.

Designed for all kinds of games

GameFace Live is designed for all kinds of PC games. Be it FPS (first-person shooter), RTS (real-time strategy), MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) or any type of game, users can have more fun from the face-to-face interaction.

GameFace Live works just like a typical online game. Setup GameFace Live with your computer as the server, and others can link to it through automatic search or by searching the IP address of the server machine. While playing online, gamers can use predefi ned hot keys to activate GameFace Live. All viewing window adjustments can be made in the OSD window.