ASUS VideoSecurity Online
Private security system that provides peace of mind wherever you are

VideoSecurity Online provides you with various security monitoring modes. Aside from the basic recording mode, you can also specify a particular surveillance area for motion detection. In case a motion is detected in the defined surveillance area, VideoSecurity Online automatically raises an alarm, records a video or take snapshots and save it to your hard disk. You can also set it to send either an email notification with still images or send a phone call with prerecorded voice to notify you of the event. VideoSecurity Online also can stream real-time video of the monitored area to your web browser, allowing you to monitor your home or office when you are away.

Acts as a stand alone web server to stream
real-time images of your place to any web

• Users can also decide whether they want to receive warnings through email or make a warning call to a user-defi ned phone numbe

When unusual events are detected, it can be recorded into movie fi le for later reference.

• Execute a user-defi ned program in case of unusual events.