Green Technology



Quality with Environment in Mind
ASUS takes product quality to the next level with care for the environment via green design, procurement, production, marketing and service, introducing the hybrid of notebooks that offer superior mobile computing capability with eco-friendly materials. All parts of ASUS notebooks, from interior components to exterior housing and paint, comply with RoHS regulations Directive 2002/95/EC.



Energy Star Certified

Certified Energy Management Design
ASUS notebook has recently received the Energy Star certificate with more models to follow suit soon in the effort to offer environmentally friendly technology. Equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR helps eliminate wasted energy through special energy-efficient designs that use less energy to perform regular tasks, and when not in use, automatically enter a low-power mode.

ASUS F6 Series



Power Management for Optimum Energy Efficiency

Mobility is further fueled with extended battery life that empowers better productivity. ASUS Power4 Gear eXtreme power management extends battery life up to 20-25%, providing a reliable and continuous operation power.

High Performance Mode
Performance is pushed to the max to enable optimum processing power and screen luminance.  

Entertainment Mode
Enjoy better quality graphics when viewing movies or listening to music in this mode.

Quite Office Mode
Sets the processing power to medium, allowing users to utilize applications while moderately conserving system resources for quieter operation.

Battery Saving Mode
This mode reduces power usage by lowering the screen brightness and setting lower CPU usage.