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Full HD 1080

High Definition Entertainment Enjoyment
To accommodate the increasing demand for high-definition data storage and true-to life image quality enjoyment, ASUS notebooks with HD DVD support provide a full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution picture source that delivers unmatched picture quality.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

Enjoy all ATSC HDTV standards and 8-channel digital audio for a superb multimedia experience. Experience data transfers of 5 Gbps of bandwidth and the upgrade options for future enhancements and requirements. Messy cables behind your device will be a thing of the past. With HDMI – the industry standard digital interface, a single cable will support standard, enhanced, or high-definition video and plus multi-channel digital audio

ASUS Color Shine LCD Technology
The Glare type LCD panel technology
Color Shine is the glare-type technology delivering exceptional image and motion picture with enhanced color density and saturation for more colorful and lively displays, offering total vision satisfaction for both work and play. With this special technology, ASUS panel presents clear and sharp images in their true brilliant and vibrant colors, making it perfect for entertainment applications, including watching movies and playing games

  • Vivid Image with Color Shine and
    Crystal Shine
    LCD Technology
  • Without Color Shine and Crystal
    Shine LCD Technology


ASUS Crystal Shine LCD Technology
The high brightness LCD panel technology
ASUS stands by its commitment to deliver products of the highest quality. With the special "Crystal Shine" high brightness LCD technology, ASUS LCD panels present images with brilliant brightness, offering complete vision satisfaction for both work and play. With this special technology, ASUS panel presents clear and sharp images in their true brilliant and vibrant colors, making it perfect for entertainment applications, such as watching movies and playing games.

  • Vivid Image with Color Shine and
    Crystal Shine
    LCD Technology
  • Without Color Shine and Crystal
    Shine LCD Technology


Splendid Video Intelligence

Vibrant Visual Enjoyment - ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
The exclusive feature integrates different multimedia data sources to reduce noise and conversion rate for a sharp display. Users can enjoy vivid images with better contrast, brightness, skin tone and color saturation for all video applications.

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  • Normal Mode:
    This is suitable for using Windows in the PC environment. Surf the Internet, word processing, create graphs and edit files under settings that are the most comfortable to your eyes. 
  • Theater Mode:
    Softer contrast for those who want to view their media in theater like environments
  • Vivid Color (Color Enhanced) Mode:
    Enhance saturation and contrast for those who prefer more saturated color
  • Gamma Correction:
    Detailed enhancement, for those who prefer more details in dark regions 
  • Soft Mode:
    For those who want softer focus and contrast for easier viewing  

Contrast/ Brightness Processing:
ASUS Splendid automatically adjusts Y-Luminance signals to enhance image contrast and brightness for more dynamic displays.  

Better Contrast:

Better Brightness:

Sharpness Processing:
ASUS Splendid calculates data analysis around edges of objects to deliver images with sharper details.

Color Processing and Enhancement:
ASUS Splendid processes 1073 million colors every second to further improve contrast, brightness, skin tone and color saturation for vivid displays.  

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Vivid Display with Comfort for the Eyes
For a comfortable viewing experience, ASUS AI Light feature intelligently adjusts panel brightness according to ambient lighting. Whether you are indoors or on the go, the notebook LCD monitor will present images with the best lighting effects without adding strain on the eye.



Wide Aspect Enjoyment

Widescreen Display
The golden ratio of 16:9 provides better viewing that is more comfortable for the eyes while enhances viewing enjoyment with the wide angle. The extra width is ideal for both working in spread sheets or watching a movie.

Cinematic Audio Enjoyment

Enjoy rich cinematic audio performance for audio enjoyment with Dolby sound systems. Get true-to-life audio performance for enhanced digital entertainment experience.

Sensational Audio Enjoyment
Combining advanced mobile computing technology and total digital entertainment enjoyment, ASUS introduces notebooks with theater quality audio performance. The built-in subwoofer and high-quality speakers deliver realistic and rich sound effects that greatly enhance any multimedia as well as gaming experience.



Crisp and Clear Audio Quality
The microphone with exclusive ASUS Digital Sound Processor (ADSP) echo cancellation mechanism automatically filters constant background noise and eliminate acoustic echo for a crisp and clear audio communication.

Normal MIC
ASUS Echo Cancellation Technology

Built-in S/PDIF Jack
The S/PDIF interface allows the transfer of digital audio signals from one device to another without having to be converted first to an analog format. High quality sound effects is ensured by maintaining the viability of a digital signal preventing the quality of the signal from degrading when converted to analog. For cinematic enjoyment, simply connect to a home theater receiver with 5.1 output channels that supports Dolby Digital of DTS surround sound.

Multimedia Enjoyment by the Touch

The multimedia touch pad puts digital entertainment all at your fingertips! An intuitive audio/video control panel makes playing and recording video and audio quick and easy. With the convenient dual-mode switch, the multimedia function displays are cleared for normal cursor control when not in use.


Mobile TV

Catch Your Favorite TV Shows on the Notebook
With the built-in TV tuner and DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) feature, ASUS TV notebooks now enables live TV broadcast anytime, anywhere without the hassle of external connections and wires.


ASUS Mobile Theater

ASUS Mobile Theater is the complete multimedia entertainment software for your digital life-style. With its simple and user friendly interface, Mobile Theater lets you enjoy photos, music, movies, TV and FM radio without the hassle of switching between programs. Mobile Theater’s remote control support makes digital entertainment more convenient and fun than ever!


What Can Mobile Theater Do?
Photo Viewing
The Photo page allows you to easily browse and view your favorite photos and other image files saved on your notebook. Photos can be viewed as thumbnails or slideshow in calendar order.
Play Music
Listen to your favorite audio files or audio CD in the Music page. The music list can be played in differed modes, including random, repeat all and repeat single with visualizations to spice it up!
Play Video
Watch video files that are stored in your hard drive in the Video page. The Video page’s Calendar View option also allows the video list to be played in order to the dates they were recorded.
Play Movie
Play your DVDs, VCDs, or SVCDs using Mobile Theater just as you would on a normal DVD player! You can also use the remote control the same way to control video playback and menu selections.
Make Disc
Burn your data, favorite home videos or TV programs you captured onto a disc that you can back up or share with your family and friends with just a few simple steps.
Play DV
Archive your home videos using the DV page. This page allows you to capture videos from your DV camcorder and save them in your hard drive or burn them to a disc.
TV Broadcasting
Watch your favorite shows using Mobile Theater. With remote control support, you can now watch TV on the notebook without having to leave the sofa to switch channels or adjust volume! You can also record TV programs in your hard drive or burn them onto discs as you watch!
With the special Time-Shift function, you will no longer miss that great shot or free kick because you had to attend to a crying baby or go get a drink. Simply activate Time-Shift function and the program will be saved on your notebook and you can hit play to pick up from where you left whenever you are ready!
Radio Broadcasting
With built-in radio tuner, you can listen to your favorite FM stations without connecting external antenna. Tune in to the great live programs and let your favorite DJ or music get you through the long working hours or quiet nights!
Play Game
The Mobile Theater offers two built-in easy-to-play flash games to complete the digital entertainment experience.


Built-in Webcam

Wire-Free Video Communication On the Go
Enjoy true wireless freedom with ASUS webcam notebook series. Built-in microphone and high-resolution webcam allow you to stay connected with family and friends without the hassle of external connections and tangling wires!

Built-in Swivel Webcam

Enjoy true wireless freedom with ASUS webcam notebook series. Built-in microphone and high-resolution 240° swivel webcam allow you to stay connected with family and friends without the hassle of external connections and tangling wires!



ASUS Total Video Communication

With three cutting-edge technologies – LifeFrame, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera, ASUS offers you a complete solution to communicate wirelessly, making it easier for you to log on to your system, capture and edit images, and video conference with multiple parties in separate locations at the same time. Totally convenient and totally innovative – that’s the ASUS way!


ASUS LifeFrame
Easy Image Recording and Capturing
The exclusive imaging software not only offers easy to use recording and capturing functions with high-quality audio and video, it also guards security with motion triggered image capture when set to the Monitor mode. With a total of 6 function modes and a host of fun editing features, the LifeFrame keeps your memories alive for anytime browse and playback!


Discover the 6 unique modes of LifeFrames:

Video Mode Monitor Mode
Silent Video Mode Browse Mode
Audio Mode Image Mode

Video Mode:
Record Motion Videos Record and save your memorable moments in video with this mode.

Monitor Mode:
Security Monitor with Movement Detector Capture images when the motion detector is triggered.
Set motion sensitivity and catch what happens when you are away!


Silent Video Mode:
Record Motion Videos without Sound This mode is specialized to easily record video without sound effects.


Browse Mode:
View and Playback Anytime Easily browse and view your images, videos and sound files.

Select different frames to enhance the image effects  


Audio Mode:
Record with Personalized Profile Utilize this mode when you need to record and manage your sound files with personalized time, sound quality and file types.


Image Mode:
Complete Function to Simulate Real Camera In this mode, you can select different frames to suit any picture to enhance the effect and feel of the image.



Virtual Camera

Multi-Window Video Conferencing
Live video conference with up to 4 contacts worldwide simultaneously! The ASUS virtual camera feature allows multi-window net meeting with customization of resolution, filter & frames according to personal preference!


Smart Logon

Easy Look & Log-on
With ASUS exclusive SmartLogon, you only need to look into the camera to log into your system. When a positive match between your face and the default photograph stored in the database is obtained, your name and password will automatically appear and access is granted. Hands-free and convenient, the SmartLogon lets you enjoy instant log-on in a blink of an eye!



Instant Fun Plus for Direct Media Access

One touch entertainment enjoyment is now all at your fingertips with the exclusive Instant Fun PLUS feature that allows easy access to integrated multimedia applications. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the digital entertainment feast.



Instant-On Music
The ASUS Audio DJ enables instant playback of music without entering the OS first! The control panel features play/pause, stop, fast forward and rewind as well as volume control and tracking function. Start enjoying your favorite tunes right away and don’t waste time waiting for the computer to boot!


Remote Controller
Built-in Remote Controller
Access and make multimedia applications and adjustments from a distance with ease and comfort. The built-in PCMCIA remote controller cane be stored away in the PCMICA slot when not in use.



ASUS Direct Flash

Graphic Intensity Indicator
With Direct Flash sidelights, gaming spirit is shared when DirectX 9 support is activated for graphic intense moments. Get a boost and bring the game on anywhere!



ASUS Direct Messenger

Interruption-Free Live Information Update
To accommodate full screen game mode, ASUS Direct Messenger displays instant messages, system updates, alerts and even Caller ID via a separate second display window, without disrupting game play.



ASUS Direct Console

ASUS Direct Console
An application that allows easy on/off control of ASUS Direct Flash and users are free to customize items, enter greetings or other messages shown on ASUS Direct Messenger for a personalized effect.



Hot Key Highlight

Gaming Hotkey Highlights
Comfortable, full-sized keyboard with movement keys specially marked by color squares to match the rest of the notebook color scheme for convenient access at one glance.



Professional Gaming Mouse

Professional Grade Game Mouse
The optical mouse is loaded with great software features for easy controls when playing games. The mouse has out-of-box access to three levels of tracking sensitivities that users can configure up to five personalized sensitivity levels for the most calibrated moves!