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ASUS Security Protect Manager
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Fingerprint Authentication
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ASUS Security Protect Manager

Dependable Partner on the Go
ASUS notebooks offer a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature that protects with both software as well as hardware solutions, providing a secure and convenient computing experience for users. The ASUS Security Protect Manager consolidates all security features to offer users peace of mind with ease of use.

Solid Protections:

  • Password security management
  • Single sign-on convenience
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Embedded security (TPM module)
  • Fingerprint replace password entries
  • Hardware-based security protects data and credentials
  • Easy access to security features and application configuration



Trusted Platform Module(TPM)

TPM is a security device on the system board that will hold computer-generated keys for encryption. It is a hardware-based solution that helps to avoid attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data.

It allows ASUS Business Notebooks to run applications securely and to make transactions and communications more trustworthy. When bundled with ASUS Security Protect Manager, it ensures overall system security, file protection capabilities and protect against email/privacy concerns.



Fingerprint Authentication

The fingerprint scanner authenticates notebook and private data access to provide the most personal security measure. The 3D sensing technology not only reads the fingerprint’s pattern but also its topography. Thus, the sensor is less affected by common skin surface conditions that can impair the ability of other sensors to acquire accurate fingerprint images.




ASUS Business Notebooks enhance user convenience and productivity with Single Sign On (SSO) functionality. SSO can store user names and passwords for an unlimited number of applications and automatically submits them when required. With SSO, users will no longer need to remember the growing number of passwords for Internet and Windows applications.


ASUS Data Security Manager

ASUS Data Securityt Manager is designed to be secure and easy to use. It improves system security and productivity by consolidating user passwords and network accounts within a single data unit called User Identity. Security and privacy are strictly enforced with ASUS Security Protect Manager. With multi-factor authentication, all private data is available only to its owner, ensuring end-to-end security built on consistent, solid and manageable ASUS platforms.

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Improves system security with multi-factor authentication:

  • Data is encrypted with one password

  • Enter the vault to decrypt secured data

  • Enter the vault to manage security options

  • ASUS Data Security Manager improves system security for all data

  • Display Type:
    • Normal
    • HIdden

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Multifactor Authentication Policy

A system administrator can assign multifactor authentication policies to other users. The policies define authentication methods and credentials that are required to log on to the system and force single or multiple authentications for access to data of different security level.




ASUS Data Protection Design

The notebooks are design to protect data with both hardware and software solutions.

The hard drive is embedded with a soft mount mechanical technology that minimizes shock and vibration to the hard drive to help prevent data damage under normal use.

Built-in recover software helps to retrieve data and resume program operation and return to the previous working state when files are accidentally deleted.


ASUS Copy Protect

Data Reproduction Authorization

ASUS CopyProtect prevents the unauthorized reproduction of data in the notebooks. When locked, the contents in the notebook will not be reproduced by burning a CD/DVD, transferred to a floppy disc, an external storage or network drive.