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    Space Saving, Full Function Computing

    The P6-P5G41E features a sleek and elegant shape, fit for highlighting and beautifying any home environment. It’s equipped with the latest Intel 45nm processors for the most powerful and energy efficient performance. It also features 8-channel high definition audio and full 1080p high definition video through HDMI, providing excellent multimedia enjoyment. Whether for entertainment, work, file management or gaming, the P-series is always your best daily computing platform.
      Product Image

      Space Saving, Full Function Computing

      Space Saving Tasteful Design
      The compact size-10.9L contains all possibilities, offering great portability. Most mechanical functions are seamlessly integrated and “hidden”, plus the high gloss piano-black finish and simple but elegant build really make this PC stand out anywhere. The glossy surfaces and eye-catching power button are inspired by the halo of lunar eclipses, the lighting using powerful indication when switched on. Conversely, the rest of the PC is designed to remain subtle at all times, further accentuating the custom lighting. The Intel® G41 Express chipset is designed to support Socket 775 Intel® Core™ 2/ Pentium®/ Celeron® processors and dual-channel DDR3 1333/1066, with a 1333/1066/800 front side bus (FSB). It includes Intel® fast memory bandwidth to reduce memory latency.

      Intel G41 Intel Core 2

      Graphics Enhancement and Compatibility
      The P6-P5G41E supports DirectX10 for enhanced 3D graphics-rendering capabilities in games and high-end applications. Plus, HDMI and theater-like HD 8-channel audio offer a new, evolved home entertainment experience.
      8 Channel Audio
      Dual-Channel DDR3 1066/800MHz
      The P6-P5G41E supports DDR3 memory that features data transfer rates of 1066/800MHz to meet the higher bandwidth requirements of the latest operating systems, 3D graphics, multimedia, and internet applications. The dual-channel DDR3 architecture doubles the bandwidth of system memory to boost performance.
      DDR3 1066 Support
      Excellent Cooling & Acoustics
      Highly integrated mechanical and motherboard designs create ideal component placement and air flow. Also, the P6-P5G41E has unique Q-Fan technology for detecting CPU loading and temperatures automatically. It provides the best thermal and acoustic solution to afford a quiet working environment.
      Exclusive EPU power saving technology
      ASUS barebones products have always kept their promise of helping you lead a sustainable lifestyle. EPU-the world’s first PC power saving engine, provides total system power savings by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating the power usage of CPU in real-time.
      ASUS EPU
      Exclusive ASUS Software

      ASUS Software Feature
      My Logo Download your favorite images from Windows onto the BIOS Flash ROM, providing a fast, convenient way to "decorate" your system
      AI Manager A simple platform to adjust performance, operate utilities and get system information
      Express Gate™ An exclusive ASUS-developed operating system empowering users with quick access to a host of commonly used features, including browser, instant messenger, photo manager, and other key applications - all before loading Windows®
      DriveClone Pro 7 DriveClone Pro 7 back-ups user data in a few seconds for recovery in minutes. It’s an always-available recovery tool, storing user data, applications and operating system settings in the host-protected area of the hard drive. Users can easily recover their system to any state without use of restore CDs, eliminating worries over data loss due to virus attacks and other hazards.
      EZ Flash Simply update your BIOS from a USB flash disk before booting an operating system
      Q-Fan Intelligently and automatically adjust CPU fan speeds according to system load and temperatures
      Crash Free BIOS

      Allows users to restore BIOS data in case of corruption from a USB flash disk containing the BIOS file, saving costs and hassles due to buying a replacement BIOS chip.