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    Eee PC 701SDX

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    • Ease of Use and Extreme Mobility
    • GNU Linux
    • 14 GB Hybrid Storage Solution for Various Application Scenarios

      Share photos of your travels without waiting till you get home. Shop the World Wide Web without attaching any lines or wires. Learn through the latest technology without a technical manual. Play, relax, and entertain on the go with shock-proof design. Connect with friends and family with just a few clicks.

      Ease of Use and Extreme Mobility

      Compact design – approximately half an A4-sized (225x160mm) and only 0.892kg
      Super Hybrid Engine maximizes system performance and extends battery life.
      Built-in Solid State Drive(SSD) technology provides shockproof computing, less power consumption, fast boot up and less heat – making the Eee PC™ 701SDX ideal for reliable outdoor usage.

      GNU Linux

      Eee Download auto-installer makes it easy to obtain hundreds of new applications and videos within clicks
      The GNU Linux version provides an intuitive user interface to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users.
      Built-in over 50 applications for dynamic computing to learn, work and play; while a fast boot-up time makes it ideal for quick Internet access while waiting for public transport or taking notes on-the-go

      14 GB Hybrid Storage Solution for Various Application Scenarios

      Built-in 4GB Shock-Proof SSD for reliable outdoor computing
      Eee Storage offers free 10 GB web storage to easily share files/photos anytime, anywhere

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