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    Extreme 0dB with Cutting Edge ASUS ENGT240 Silent series!

    - ASUS exclusive “V-Cool” design
    - ASUS reliable design: GPU guard , FUSE protection , EMI shield
    - Microsoft Windows 7 support
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      Extreme 0dB with Cutting Edge ASUS ENGT240 Silent series!

      ASUS V-cool Powerful Features

      2 high density zipper array fin modules help heat dissipation by utilizing Intercooler technology to maximum the surface area exposed to the air.
      Phasing in the V-Engine concept, the best arranged V-fins dissipate heats evenly with minimum space required.
      Aluminum alloy is much lighter and has good thermal conductivity to help heat dissipation.
      3 heat pipes arrangement enables average temperature on heatsink to enhance the heat transfer effects.

      ASUS Features

      ASUS Splendid
      Watching movies on PC is as good as on Top-of-the-line consumer television
      ASUS Gamer OSD
      Real-time overclocking, benchmarking and video capturing in any PC game!
      ASUS Smart Doctor
      Your intelligent hardware protection and powerful overclocking tool
      GPU Guard
      Doubles structural reinforcement. Cracks free!
      Gigantic 1GB GDDR3 Memory
      On-board memory for the best gaming experience & the best resolution

      Graphics GPU Features

      Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce GT240
      Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 Support
      Bring new levels of visual realism to gaming on the PC and get top-notch performance
      Microsoft® Windows® 7 Support
      Enable PC users to enjoy an advanced computing experience and to do more with their PC
      GeForce CUDA™ Technology
      NVIDIA PhysX™ ready
      Take Your Game Beyond HD
      Dual-link DVI able to drive the industry’s largest & highest resolution flat-panel displays up to 2560x1600

      I/O Specifications

      PCI-Express 2.0
      Native HDMI
      HDCP compliant