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    MW201U - 20" widescreen with quick response and latest display technology

    One of the first LCD monitors to incorporate DVI input with HDCP supported to ensure high-resolution video signal integrety and image quality.

      High-quality 16:10 widescreen panel
      1680 x 1050 high resolution and wide viewing angle make the LCD monitor perfect for viewing high-quality DVD images. 16.7 million display colors deliver rich and colorful images to surprise your eyes.

      Fit two A4 size pages on screen
      The 20" widescreen of MW201U provides a 28% wider viewing area compared with 17" monitors and can also fit two A4 size pages at the same time, meaning ample screen space for different contents. The MW201U helps double your working efficiency.

      DVI Video Input with HDCP Supported
      One of the first LCD monitors to incorporate DVI input with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) supported to ensure video signal integrety and image quality and prepare for next generation upgrade of computer operation system.

      No more ghostings
      Trace Free Technology accelerates the fastest response time to 2ms among 20" widescreen LCD moniotrs, meaning no more ghostings and video latency during movies or games.

      Intelligent image enhancement
      Splendid Video Intelligence Technology fine tunes the color, brightness, contrast and sharpness of images in different video applications and offers 5 preset video modes (Scenery, Theater, Games, Night View and Standard) selection via hotkey and 3 skin tone options (Reddish, Yellowish and Natural).

      User-friendly designs

      - Built-in stereo speaker and earphone jack for covnenient audio enjoyment
      - Stylish aluminum base and buttons
      - Cable manager gets rid of tangling cables and wires