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    Optimized for Both Work and Entertainment

    The 22" widescreen with HDCP support offers the ultimate visual experience.
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      High-quality 16:10 widescreen panel

      1680 x 1050 high resolution and wide viewing angle make the LCD monitor perfect for viewing high-quality DVD images. 16.7 million display colors deliver rich and colorful images to surprise your eyes.

      Fit two A4 size pages on screen

      The 22" widescreen of VW225T provides a 27% wider viewing area compared with 19" monitors and can also fit two A4 size pages at the same time, meaning ample screen space for different contents. The VW225T helps double your working efficiency.

      DVI Video Input with HDCP Supported

      One of the first LCD monitors to incorporate DVI input with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) supported to ensure video signal integrety and image quality and prepare for next generation upgrade of computer operation system.

      ASCR(ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) Technology

      Provides the high contrast ratio of 8000:1, which can dynamically adjust contrast between black and white to provide sharper and brighter images - especially during games and movies.

      Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology

      Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology is built upon a color engine that automatically analyzes and determines the nature of the user’s current task, thereafter adjusting the display’s parameters accordingly to ensure the best possible color and image fidelity.

      With the five preset modes (Standard, Game, Scenery, Night View and Theater) of Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology, you will enjoy optimized colors for various multimedia entertainment scenarios.

      Standard Mode allows you to view documents and browse websites comfortably with optimized colors and contrast.
      Game mode adaptively brings up dark, hard-to-see areas while leaving the well-lit areas untouched—allowing you to see your enemies lurking in dark corners without washing out the colors as a whole.

      Theater mode simulates a theater experience by enhancing the contrast and color saturation of the image—delivering livelier and vivider visuals for greater immersion.
      Scenery mode increases the brightness range and contrast gradations and selectively tweaks the color saturation of key elements such as blue skies and green fields to make for more captivating land and seascapes.

      Night View mode breathes the beauty back into night vistas by smartly raising the Y-Luminance signal to highlight poorly-lit details—capturing the scene’s beauty in crisp and vibrant fashion.
      3 preset skin tone
      Select between natural, reddish and yellowish skin tone presets for more natural-looking human subjects on screen.

      User-friendly designs

      • Cable manager gets rid of tangling cables and wires
      • Built in stereo speakers
      • Convenient key controls for functional set-up in the multi-language OSD
      • VESA Wall Mount Standard(100 x 100 mm)
      • KENSINGTON Security Lock