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    ASUS WAVI delivers 2-way HD PC content streaming

    • Cross-room PC content streaming in uncompressed full HD 1080p
    • 25 meters wide coverage streaming at 5GHz band
    • 2-way control of PC entertainment on TV with wireless USB support
    • Blu-ray movies and lag-free PC gaming enjoyment
      Product Image
      2-way control wireless USB Full HD 1080p 25 meters coverage 3D rendered games Blu-ray support Cross-room transmission

      Real-time all round entertainment

      No more crowding around a small monitor to enjoy something on the computer. With WAVI, a pair of elegant boxes adapting wireless transmission technology via HDMI allow for wireless cross-room transmission with a range of 25 meters at 5GHz, delivering real-time PC content to the living room TV. No more worries of cables messing up your living room or trouble with LAN settings. Your PC is the sole location for all media files, so there is no need to transfer files and no more concerns about storage capacity on an HTPC.

      PC HD multimedia content enjoyment on TV

      WAVI allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch your movies and trip photos categorized and stored on your home PC on the living room TV from the comfort of your couch. The uncompressed full HD 1080p high quality transmission makes sharing more enjoyable and memorable.

      PC HD multimedia content enjoyment on TV

      2-way control PC fun on TV

      With wireless USB support, you can control the host PC while you’re comfortable on the living room couch with a wireless keyboard and mouse! Enjoy YouTube videos, catch up with friends on Facebook or Twitter, play online games, browse the web or reply emails, all from the comfort of your TV! Make your daily online entertainment more relaxing and fun.

      2-way control PC fun on TV

      Enjoy exciting 3D rendered PC games and Blu-ray movies on the big screen

      It’s time to enjoy vivid and thrilling 3D rendered PC games and high definition Blu-ray movies with your family and friends on a big TV!

      Enjoy exciting 3D rendered PC games and Blu-ray movies on the big screen


      The WAVI transmitter is bundled with a USB cable to connect the WAVI transmitter to your PC. Then plug the dongle of a wireless keyboard or mouse to the USB port on the WAVI receiver. Simple as that! Now you can enjoy two way control from the comfort of your couch.

      HDMI ports are required both on your PC and TV. WAVI transmits high definition image and sound to the TV.

      *This LAN port is only for FW update, not for internet connection

      WAVI I/O