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    ASUS Launches the Ultrabook™ S Series

    Offers a high mobility performance Ultrabook™ while enhancing utility with hybrid SSD/hard drive storage plus an optical drive in a 21mm form factor

    New ASUS S Series ultrabooks combine performance with more storage and media options while remaining in a highly attractive price range. They meet all Ultrabook™ criteria, and feature an exquisite luxurious design. At just 21mm in profile, they are the only products in their segment to achieve a true all-in approach to features. The S Series packs powerful 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors up to an i7, alongside discrete NVIDIA® GT 635M graphics, making it perfect for high-portability daily computing and entertainment. Significantly, it offers fast-response hybrid SSD/hard drive storage and an optical drive – all in one sleek Ultrabook™. Customers also enjoy a solid back-assembled keyboard and the intuitive Smart Gesture touchpad for a more user-friendly experience, and Super Hybrid Engine II-based 2-second instant on resume.

    Sleek Ultrabook™ looks

    The first thing standing out about the S Series is the 21mm profile, a remarkable achievement considering the amount of technology within. In terms of finish and styling, it employs grey-colored hairline treatment on covers, with a one-piece molded top casing that helps ensure greater product strength and durability in highly mobile scenarios. The overall design embodies subtlety and sophistication, while crafted to accommodate a diverse range of applications and customer lifestyles.

    Innovating in user comfort and access

    For more intuitive and easier input, the S Series offers a large touchpad enhanced with Smart Gesture technology, which supports a wider range of touch gestures including two-finger zooming, rotating, and scrolling, as well as three-finger swiping. The keyboard likewise uses premium back-assembled construction and a stylish chiclet design, resulting in a solid and more satisfying typing experience.

    Ultra sound incorporated

    Exclusive ASUS SonicMaster Lite audio provides better sound performance in every application, including music, movie watching, and gaming. Audio comes across clearer, cleaner, more powerful, and distinctly impactful, using improved processing and high-grade speakers.

    Power and swift response

    ASUS has integrated exclusive 2-second instant on functionality on the S Series based on Super Hybrid Engine II proprietary technology, allowing customers to get back to work and enjoyment with smartphone-like responsiveness. Data is kept safe with automatic backup should the battery drop below 5% charge. At the heart of the S Series are 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors up to an i7, as well as NVIDIA® GT 635M discrete graphics. These enable smooth multimedia, faster overall daily computing performance, and even gaming in impressive detail.

    Now available: all-new ASUS K Series notebooks

    Based on a similar design and tailored for style and cost-conscious customers, extra-thin and high performance 14” K46 and 15” K56 notebooks bring customers large hard drive capacities with the convenience of optical drives. At the same time, they maintain great affordability so a wider customer audience can enjoy their full benefit.