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    ROG Overclocker Gathering Scores Four New World Records

    ASUS headquarters once more plays host to extreme overclockers, showcasing ROG hardware as the most capable platform for performance tuning and benchmarking

    A group of professional overclockers visited ASUS headquarters in an effort to set all-new global benchmarking records. Using ROG Maximus V Extreme motherboards, Intel® Core™ i7-3770K processors, and ample liquid cooling, the team succeeded in breaking existing records in four categories, including a 7.1843GHz CPU clock speed, 5.094 seconds in SuperPi 1M, 4 minutes 43 seconds in SuperPi 32M, and 10.16 seconds in PiFast.

    The participants

    Heeding the call, several of the world’s leading overclockers flocked to ASUS HQ in pursuit of new milestone-shattering world performance records. At the scene were TeamRU members Smoke and 12, Hazzan (who previously took part in ROG’s Absolute Zero event), Piwor, and ROG professional hardware maestros Andre Yang and Shamino.

    Four major motherboard and CPU-based world records attained

    The assemblage employed copious amounts of liquid helium and nitrogen in the endeavor, accomplishing a new CPU clock speed record of 7.1843GHz using Intel® Core™ i7-3770K. For SuperPi 1M, 5.094 seconds stands as the latest world record, while in the related SuperPi 32M a landmark 4 minutes 43 seconds was achieved. Finally, the attendant overclockers succeeded in breaking the previous PiFast record, netting a 10.16-second benchmark.

    The hardware

    At the heart of the spontaneous overclocking summit was the ROG Maximus V Extreme Intel® LGA 1155/Z77 motherboard. It comes loaded for tuning duty with features such as OC Key hardware-level system overclocking, Subzero Sense cryogenic cooling temperature reading, and solder-free VGA Hotwire graphics card overvolting, also on the hardware level. Maximus V Extreme has already established itself as the pre-eminent motherboard of choice for overclockers, and the latest batch of world records reinforces this position.

    The event video can be found here: