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    Official ASUS announcement: avoiding brute force attacks via the WPS protocol

    For ASUS wireless and networking products, security is always the first priority.

    In response to US CERT’s report on the vulnerability of the WPS protocol, ASUS is now working with the Wi-Fi Alliance to develop a firmware update capable of deterring and protecting from such attacks. We will keep registered users informed as to the availability of this firmware update, and will post it on our support site, as well.

    To enhance security, most ASUS routers automatically disables WPS 2 minutes after setup. Users can also manually disable WPS-PIN (the WPS push button will still work) through router setup to avoid possible concerns.

    Follow these steps to do so:

    1. Launch your browser and enter in the address bar. Then use admin for both username and password to log-in to the router’s user interface.
    2. Go to the Advanced Setup menu, and select Wireless Settings.
    3. Under WPS settings, select “OFF” for Enable WPS.
    4. Click Apply to save settings.