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    ASUS to Offer Windows® 7 Upgrade to Customers Who Purchase an ASUS PC during Eligibility Period

    Taipei, Taiwan, June 26, 2009 – We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the Windows® Upgrade Option Program to our users. Users who purchase a qualifying ASUS desktop PC, notebook, EeeTop PC or Eee PC™ during the eligibility period from June 26, 2009 through January 31, 2010 will be eligible to receive their Windows® 7 platform upgrade kits after the Windows® 7 General Availability Date.

    Users will be able to upgrade from Windows Vista® Home Premium, Windows Vista® Business and Windows Vista® Ultimate to a corresponding Windows® 7 operating system (see Figure 1), while users who purchased eligible PCs and downgraded their operating systems from Windows Vista® to Windows® XP operating systems are also eligible for the upgrade program. The upgrade will be available in the languages listed in Figure 2.

    "ASUS is pleased to announce that our customers worldwide who purchase qualifying ASUS products now will be able to enjoy all that Windows 7 has to offer as soon as it is available," said Tony Chen, Vice President of ASUS System Business Group. "The Windows Upgrade Option program through ASUS gives our users the advantage of buying a qualifying ASUS desktop PC, notebook, EeeTop PC or Eee PC™ now, with the guarantee of an upgrade to Windows 7 once it is launched. ASUS engineers have kept close pace with the development of Windows 7 right from the beginning and have made every effort to provide the best computing experience. The ASUS Windows 7 Upgrade Offer will be free in the USA, while users from other parts of the world will be able to enjoy the upgrade for a nominal shipping and handling fee."

    "We are pleased with the level of collaboration between ASUS and Microsoft during the development of Windows 7," said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) division at Microsoft. "With the Windows Upgrade Option Program, we can help our joint customers get a PC now and be ready to enjoy all the benefits of Windows 7 when it becomes available in October."

    Windows® Upgrade Option Program Procedures

    Upon the purchase of qualified ASUS products (Figure 3), users should register their PCs for the Windows® Upgrade Option Program via the official ASUS website at, and make their payments (Visa / MasterCard) for any applicable handling and shipping charges incurred. Once registered, users will receive their Windows® 7 upgrade kits after the General Availability Date.

    Figure 1: Windows® 7 Upgrade Paths

    Figure 2: Available Languages for Windows® 7
    • Arabic
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Bulgarian
    • Chinese – Simplified (China)
    • Chinese – Traditional (Hong Kong)
    • Chinese – Traditional (Taiwan)
    • Croatian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Estonian
    • Finnish
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Norwegian – Bokmal
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Simplified/Traditional Chinese
    • Serbian Latin
    • Slovak
    • Slovenian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Ukrainian

    Figure 3: ASUS Products Eligible for Windows® 7 Upgrade
    B50A G60Vx/G51Vx M70Vn U50A
    F5Sr G71Gx N10Jh U50Vg
    F50Gx/Q/Z K40AB/C N20A U6V
    F50SF/Sl/SV K40IJ/IN N50Vn/Vc U80A
    F52A K50AB/C N51Tp U80V
    F6A/VE K50IJ/IN N51Vf/Vg/Vn UX30
    F70Sl K51AC N60Dp UX50
    F80Q/S K70AB/AC N70Sv VX5
    F83Se/F81Se K70IJ/IO N80Vn/Vc W90Vn/Vp
    F83T M50Vc/Vn N81Vg/Vp X58LE
    G50V/Vt M51A/VR N90Sv X71Tp
    G60J M60Vp/Vh U20
    Eee PC™
    1101HA with Windows Vista® Home Premium
    1005HA with Windows XP™ Professional or Windows Vista® Business
    EeeTop PC
    Model Countries
    ET2203T Worldwide
    ET2202 Worldwide
    ET2002T Worldwide
    ET2002 Worldwide
    EeeBox PC
    Model Countries
    EB1501 Worldwide
    Desktops (Consumer)
    Models Countries
    CG5270/CG5290 US/Taiwan/China
    CT5421/CT1410 US/Taiwan/China
    CP5140 US/Taiwan/China
    CS5111/CS5120 US/Taiwan/China
    ES5000/ES5100/ES5120 US/Taiwan/China
    Desktops (Commercial)
    Model Countries
    BM5215, BM5220/AS-D760, BM5320, BM5240/AS-D765, BM5265/AS-D770, BM5365, BM2220/AS-D850, BM2320, M5000, M2100 Taiwan/China
    BP5220/AS-D592, BP5265/AS-D596, B5200 Taiwan/China
    BA5190/AS-D900 Taiwan/China
    BS5000/M5100 Taiwan/China

    Note: The products listed in the eligibility tables above are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on the products that are eligible for the Windows® Upgrade Option Program, please visit Terms and conditions apply.