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    ASUS Announces Xtion PRO Developer Challenge

    ASUS has announced the start of a new competition designed to showcase the exciting features of the new ASUS Xtion PRO. The Xtion PRO brings intuitive gesture-based controls to the PC in a fun and interactive way. The Xtion PRO features all the tools developers need to create a game or application that takes advantage of a gesture-based controller system which can use the whole body. With over US$24,000 up for grabs, creativity and ingenuity is a must as competition will be fierce. In addition to the cash prizes, participants will have a chance to earn future business cooperation opportunities with ASUS.

    Xtion PRO Developer Challenge is online

    To encourage a whole new way to interact with your PC, ASUS is hosting a competition to encourage participants to create a new game or application based on the gesture-based controls of the new Xtion PRO. The Xtion PRO SDK is also OpenNI compatible, making the platform very accessible for users of all levels of programming. For the challenge, the programming language is requested to be either C++ or C#. All games or applications are required to be able to run on ASUS Xtion PRO and the minimum system requirements:

    OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7
    CPU: Intel® Conroe Core processor or newer
    AMD Athlon™64 AM2 Socket or newer
    System Memory: 2GB
    Graphics Card: Supports DX9.0 or above
    Graphics Memory: 1GB
    Resolution: 1280*720 screen resolution

    Categories and usage:

    We’re looking for three types of submissions including:

    • Games:Sports, Car racing, Educational, Puzzles, etc.
    • Multimedia:Applications that access and use a computer’s photo, music or video libraries.
    • Miscellaneous:Any other applications that an entrant’s creativity can imagine using with the Xtion PRO.

    In addition to the game or application, participants are also asked to create a short two minute video explaining their product, and how to interact with it.

    Judging and results

    The competition will run from March 22nd 2011 until May 31st 2011. Judging will be based on both an online popularity vote and internal judging by ASUS employees, including an Assistant Vice President, Product Managers and Technical Managers.


    The ASUS Xtion PRO is available for purchase at select e-tailer shops.

    For complete details regarding the Xtion Pro competition, please visit