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    ASUS ROG Chill Spectrum a Great Global PC Community Success

    Centered on “show off what you cool off”, the campaign highlights liquid cooling in performance PCs, overclocking, and modding, with enthusiasts worldwide taking part

    The ASUS ROG team has developed the Chill Spectrum competitive event as a means to promote liquid cooling, a critical upgrade for enthusiasts keen on building a true high-end PC capable of extreme performance, especially for gaming and benchmarking. The event launched just over a week ago, and has already attained great popularity. It encourages liquid cooling experts to share their custom builds with the global community, which are then put to popular vote. ROG and ASUS products are offered as prizes for winners, with voters also eligible for a prize-bearing lucky draw. Chill Spectrum has been developed in cooperation with some of the world’s leading makers of liquid cooling hardware. The event launched September 3 and is scheduled to conclude October 1, when all winners will be announced.
    The official event site and full details can be found here:

    Show off what you cool off – hardware pros take center stage

    Chill Spectrum invites DIY veterans of all experience levels to submit photos of their PCs showing the application of liquid cooling configurations. Systems must be personally owned and built by uploaders, and use ASUS, ROG, or TUF Series motherboards, and at least one photo needs to clearly show the board with the liquid cooling kit installed. In just over a week, this promotion has proven a major success, with hundreds of submissions from around the world. The ASUS ROG team is very proud of this positive response, and excited by the knowledge-sharing on display. As ROG and ASUS in general believe in strong community ties and helping users upgrade their skills, Chill Spectrum offers an excellent venue for DIY pros to help newcomers and those considering more aggressive thermal designs for their own builds. Users who submit images of their liquid-cooled systems will be judged by the community via popular vote, with the top three most-liked entries winning an ROG Maximus V Formula, an ROG Maximus V GENE, or an ASUS HD 7850 DirectCU II TOP graphics card.

    Voters are also winners

    While Chill Spectrum voting is open to all those who register, the primary objective the ASUS ROG team has in mind is to promote liquid cooling and educate those currently using standard passive/air cooling and who are considering a move up to liquid-based thermal designs. As such, Chill Spectrum features strong cooperation with the world’s best liquid cooling hardware brands, with all voters entered into a lucky draw where they may win a liquid cooling kit of their own, as provided by ASUS ROG hardware partners.

    Community comes first

    Chill Spectrum’s success follows other high-profile and popular ASUS ROG initiatives, such as the recent Absolute Zero overclocking marathon held in Taipei. It proves that PC users and enthusiasts everywhere have a keen interest in performance hardware, an area in which ASUS ROG is a leader. With hundreds of people taking part in just one week, Chill Spectrum shows that community outreach works, affirming the ASUS ROG commitment to close and friendly relations with customers everywhere, and to designing products that are largely based on input from real-world users.