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    ASUS introduces FIND YOUR ZEN

    Continues the journey that began with In Search of Incredible to bring Zen thinking to an even wider global audience

    After the world-spanning ASUS and Intel® In Search of Incredible campaign, the new FIND YOUR ZEN theme aims to highlight the ZENBOOK™ brand by promoting the concept of true happiness in select cities worldwide. It introduces contemporary, unconventional, and inspiring lifestyles to customers, who learn more about ZENBOOK™ and get a closer look at the innovative yet practical personality of ASUS and its team members. As an ambassador for the fusion of technology and philosophy, the ZENBOOK™ brand stands for something bigger, highly relevant both now and in the long run.

    A ZENBOOK™ for everyone

    Since ZENBOOK™ was conceived with Zen thinking as the leading concept, Find Your Zen FIND YOUR ZEN naturally integrates well with current ZENBOOK™ offerings from ASUS. All ZENBOOKs enable customers as they go on their own journey of discovery through life, allowing for greater mobility, productivity, and entertainment with the latest portable PC technology. ZENBOOK™ intertwines seamlessly with modern lifestyles, and has thus gained much commercial and critical success in numerous global markets. Going further, ASUS has recently introduced ZENBOOK™ Prime, which upgrades the ZENBOOK™ experience with full HD IPS screens, high-speed solid state storage, and an elegant backlit keyboard. With these features and the meaningful design of all ZENBOOKs, ASUS is confident customers worldwide will be encouraged to take pause and appreciate the great moments life has to offer.

    Global talent partnerships

    FIND YOUR ZEN has enlisted three leading extreme urban sports athletes to share their discoveries in finding Zen. Three short films produced especially for FIND YOUR ZEN star Jason Paul (free running world champion) of Frankfurt, Scott Byerly (“godfather” of wakeskating) of Orlando, and Yohei Uchino, (renowned BMX pro flatland rider) of Tokyo. They personify key ZENBOOK™ attributes such as beauty, performance, and balance, showcasing them throughout the films while describing their active lifestyles and detailing where Zen exists for them.

    Series of short films produced

    FIND YOUR ZEN includes three official short films, to be released beginning July 10. The short films star the above global talents, as they demonstrate their dedication to dynamic yet introspective living.

    FIND YOUR ZEN shows that ASUS remains committed to the search for everything incredible in life and the world. Further announcements regarding the campaign will follow, and ASUS plans for campaigns of such nature to continue well into the future, covering ZENBOOK™ as well as upcoming exciting products.