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    ASUS Gives Diablo III Players Graphics Goodness in its Prime

    Offers gamers a sanctuary of rising performance with an exclusive HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP Diablo III mouse pad bundle and a full range of battle-ready graphics cards

    ASUS delivers a special edition of the ASUS HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP graphics card, now bundled with a collectible Diablo III mouse pad. Using advanced 28nm GPU technology, proprietary ASUS DirectCU II cooling, GPU Tweak card tuning, and Super Alloy Power components, the HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP brings dedicated gamers a more memorable Diablo III experience.

    Wield the might of cooler graphics

    The heat of summer presents the perfect time to get immersed in the world of Diablo III, where Sanctuary delivers an entire realm brimming with precious items and evil forces to beat back. ASUS believes that every Diablo III gamer deserves the best and most reliable graphics to really get into the experience, while gaining superior enjoyment through their hardware investment. Whether taking on hordes of evil-doing minions or facing down titanic boss creatures, ASUS graphics cards with DirectCU cooling empower players through conquering capabilities and the detail of full HD 1080p. They run cooler and quieter than reference cards, featuring instant performance tuning with exclusive GPU Tweak, the most complete overclocking software suite available. Triumphing over the forces of evil just got an upgrade with better and faster output plus fine-tuned graphics.

    Ultimate loot: ASUS HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP with exclusive Diablo III mouse pad

    Gamers get an early start to their treasure hunting when they pick up an HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP, which now comes bundled with an exclusive Diablo III collectible mouse pad .The mouse pad creates a more complete Diablo III experience, adding to the HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP’s powerful and efficient 28nm AMD GPU technology, 2GB GDDR5 video memory, and Super Alloy Power components. The latter join forces with DirectCU to ensure that no matter how hot the fight against evil gets, the hardware remains cool and stable so gamers can truly focus on rising through the levels.

    An arsenal of Diablo III-themed ASUS products

    In addition to the HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP, the exclusive mouse pad bundle has been extended to cover ROG Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX, the fully-loaded Intel® Z77-based gaming motherboard with its external ThunderFX multi-platform audio device. Several ASUS pre-built desktop PCs have also entered the fight against diabolical forces, arriving with the collectible mouse pad in the box. These range from multimedia-focused desktops to the sheer might of ROG TYTAN CG8890, the most powerful pre-built desktop ever from ASUS.

    The full list of ASUS and ROG desktops participating in this promotion:

    • CP6230
    • CM6870
    • CM6850
    • CG8265
    • CG8270
    • CG8480
    • CG8565
    • CG8580
    • CG8890