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    Maximus V GENE: compact form shows giant OC potential

    New 4-core/8-thread world record achieved and validated

    ASUS master overclocker Andre Yang has managed another benchmarking world record, once more using the Intel Z77-based ROG Maximus V GENE mATX gaming motherboard. Utilizing a quad-core/eight threaded Intel i7-3770 Ivy Bridge processor, Andre was able to overclock the CPU to an impressive milestone frequency of 7074.7MHz, again breaking the fabled 7GHz processor threshold and overtaking the previous record of 7.06GHz. The CPU multiplier was set to 112.69 x 63. The Maximus V GENE had 4GB of G.Skill DDR3 RAM on it, clocked to 1197.8MHz. The graphics card used was an ASUS GeForce GTX 680, set to 705MHz/3004MHz. Keep in mind quad-core and eight-threaded overclocking presents a much tougher challenge than more traditional single-core and double-threaded tuning in terms of stability and consistency, making the feat even more impressive.

    This latest benchmark accomplishment goes to show that every ROG motherboard arrives fully optimized for radical overclocking, which includes the more compact GENE models. ROG therefore defies the notion that mATX boards are compromised or cut-down versions of ATX gaming/overclocking boards, offering more options for performance seekers to choose from.

    You can check out the full benchmark details right here:

    Plus, take a look at no less than four additional world records shattered by Maximus V GENE previously:

    - AquaMark 3: 536638 marks using a Radeon HD 7970 graphics card clocked at 1600MHz core and 1900MHz GDDR5

    - PiFast: 10.3 seconds with Intel Core i7-3770K set to 6930MHz

    - 3DMark2001 SE: 164589 marks using a GeForce GTX 580 clocked at 1553MHz core and 1250MHz GDDR5

    - SuperPi: 5 seconds 187ms with Intel Core™ i7-3770K set to 6961MHz