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    ASUS Equips Its Notebooks, Netbooks, Nettops and Desktop PCs with Exclusive Technologies that Take Windows 7 Further

    Enhancements to Notebooks and Eee Series PCs Extend and Improve the Overall Windows 7 Experience

    Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 22, 2009 – ASUS, the fastest-growing notebook brand and pioneer of the netbook, today announced that a select group of its notebooks and Eee Series PCs—including the Eee PC™, Eee PC™ Touch, EeeBox PC and EeeTop PC—will feature exclusive enhancements that are designed to extend and improve the overall Windows 7 experience. The applicable ASUS notebooks, which will come installed with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, promise a level of performance and security over and beyond that of notebooks running previous versions of Windows—most notably up to 40%* faster bootups and server-level security with enhanced core protection. Similarly, ASUS' Eee Series PCs running Windows 7 will boast exclusive features that make them easier to use, faster, more energy efficient and more fun** than identically-spec'ed PCs from other brands—fulfilling ASUS' promise that "Life is Eeeasy with Windows 7".

    All ASUS notebooks installed with Windows 7 will run 64-bit versions of the operating system. This allows the notebooks to fully utilize the vastly-higher RAM ceiling that 64-bit Windows 7 affords—up to 128GB—dramatically improving their multitasking capabilities and processing speeds. 64-bit Windows 7-equipped ASUS notebooks will also boot up up to 40%* faster than competing notebooks, thanks to FastBoot technology which shortens notebook boot times to as low as 30 seconds*. ASUS worked very closely with Microsoft Corp. on performance improvements in Windows 7 on ASUS PCs.

    The marriage of Eee Series PCs and Windows 7 is the ultimate expression of the Eee brand's "Easy, Excellent, Exciting" mantra. Windows 7-equipped Eee Series PCs allow users to enjoy near-instant access to the web and beyond with Fast Bootup Technology. They also feature Eee Docking or Eee Bar, user-friendly shortcut bars that give users direct and intuitive access to applications and web services, as well as ASUS @Vibe which serves as users' window to a world of web-based multimedia entertainment. Furthermore, ASUS WebStorage gives users additional online storage space, allowing them to easily backup and share their files. With these exclusive usability features, life is truly "Eeeasy" with Windows 7.

    ASUS Computers Installed with Windows 7
    ASUS Notebooks
    F81Se / F83Se / F83T N60DP/ N61Vn/Vg/ N71Vn/Vg/ N81Vp/ N81Vg
    G60Vx / G71Gx / G72Gx UX30 / UX50
    K40AB / K40C / K50C / K40IJ / K40Ac / K50IJ / K40IN / K50IN / K60IJ / K70AB / K70AC / K51AC / K70IJ/K70IO U20A / U50A / U50Vg / U80A / U80V
    UL20 / UL30A / UL50A / UL50Ag / UL50Vg / UL50Vt / UL80V VX5 / F6VE
    ASUS Desktop PCs
    CM5540 / CM5570 / CM1525 BM5220 / BM5320 / BM2220
    CG5270 / CG5285 / CG5290 BM2320 / BM5240 / BM5265
    CP5140 / CS5120 / ES5000 BM5365 / BP5220 / BP5265
    Eee Series PCs
    Eee PC™ 1008HA / 1005HA / 1005HR Eee PC™ 1101HA / 1201HA / 1201N
    Eee PC™ Touch T91MT EeeTop PC ET2002/ ET2002T
    EeeTop PC ET2203/2203T EeeBox PC EB1501/1502

    * System performance is subject to system configuration. This data is based on a comparison between a FastBoot-optimized ASUS notebook running 64-bit Windows 7 and an identically-spec'ed notebook without FastBoot running 32-bit Windows Vista. For detailed test results, please visit
    ** System performance is subject to system configuration. For detailed test results, please visit