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    ROG Gathering Delivers Two More World Records

    ASUS HQ continues to serve as homebase for extreme overclocking as guests and team members join forces to achieve new benchmarking milestones

    Last week saw several of the world’s leading professional overclockers attend a tuning marathon hosted by ROG, which resulted in four new world performance records. Staying the course, ROG overclocking master Andre Yang collaborated with TeamRU members 12 and Smoke. The trio cemented top spots in wPrime 1024M at 109 seconds 937ms and AquaMark 3 at a massive 556303 marks. Both accomplishments are due to the determination of those involved and the OC-friendly designs of ASUS ROG products, with more world record-shattering endeavors planned for the near future.

    wPrime 1024M multi-threaded quad-core benchmark world record

    Working together, the crew established a new high in this processor-intensive challenge, scoring 109 seconds 937ms. Credited to TeamRU’s 12 and Smoke, the record called for a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770K clocked at 6.617GHz, cooled by liquid nitrogen and aided by G.Skill memory. The motherboard was ROG’s Maximus V Extreme, helping place the latest effort on top of thousands of current submissions. The board features several overclocking features that make it a natural choice for extreme duty. These include the OC Key attachment for monitoring and tuning on a hardware level independent of system resources.

    AquaMark 3 GPU performance world record

    Also going to TeamRU, the new threshold stands at 556303 marks in the popular Guru3D graphics card stress tester. The record outpaces the previous high by a significant margin of 17945 marks. Hardware used included an ASUS HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics card overclocked to 1600MHz core and 1850MHz GDDR5 thanks to generous application of liquid nitrogen. The processor was a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770K clocked at 6.851GHz (also liquid nitrogen-chilled), and the motherboard was once more a Maximus V Extreme. Its VGA Hotwire solder-free hardware-level graphics card overvolting proved very useful in this scenario, as did Subzero Sense deep-freeze temperature detection, which was designed to work with liquid cooling setups.

    Overclocking goes on

    ASUS ROG would like to thank all participating guest overclockers and team members for their tireless efforts. With overclocking part and parcel of ASUS ROG product design and culture, additional events are planned and further world records are to be expected. Additional information will be provided as they occur.