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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Wins AnandTech Editors' Choice Gold Award

    Praised for its dedication to better technology, innovation, community outreach, sheer devotion to overclocking, gaming and PC performance

    The ASUS ROG brand of PC performance technology has secured an AnandTech Editors’Choice Gold Award, garnering top-level acclaim from one of the world’s most respected and popular online technology media outlets. AnandTech editors praise ROG for its genuine devotion to promoting new and innovative technology, supporting the community, and offering the best overclocking and tuning features. This great honor affirms efforts by the ROG team to give enthusiasts the finest tools in their pursuit of better performance and more gratifying experiences, and shows that the ROG approach is sure to bring even more exciting future innovations to PC devotees worldwide.

    Investing and building towards better technology for enthusiasts

    True to its ASUS roots, ROG has been all about consistent investment in creating new technologies that cater to actual customer needs and wants, while at the same time developing new trends that show users what can be done with the right amount of passion. As commended by AnandTech, since its inception in 2005 ROG has been completely devoted to brand building and ever-better products. Editors also note that for ASUS as a company, ROG stands as a genuine venue for pioneering ideas and innovation and not as a mere money-maker. In short, ROG was born with a passion for performance, and remains centered on that passion before other considerations. With ROG team members all active overclockers and hardcore gamers themselves, it is easy to understand the brand’s dedication to pure PC performance, something AnandTech also comments on and praises.

    “Enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers are a very important group within the PC industry in our opinion. Their passion for PC hardware helps to drive the industry forward, and they are not shy about their opinions in the DIY or system integrator space. ROG is designed for these guys; we like being innovative, we love pushing performance to the limit, we want something different and we have that passion to pull it all together. If the industry was suddenly without ROG, I guess it would be a bit boring, right?,” said Kris Huang, Director of the ROG Motherboard Product Marketing Division, as part of an interview with AnandTech.< /p>

    Freedom of imagination and innovation

    ASUS gives ROG ample room to envision new products and directions, which AnandTech describes as a “carte blanche” of creativity. As a result, experimentation far beyond the norm in so-called channel products is encouraged, resulting in GENE, Formula and Extreme motherboards that continue to push the envelope. Beyond motherboards, the freedom allowed the ROG team has given the world a highly diverse product lineup, including graphics cards, gaming notebooks, audio hardware and gaming accessories. With each of these, the objective remains the same: offer the most performance, the best features and try for something totally new.

    Full community integration and involvement

    From day one, ROG has also been focused on community, owing to its entire team being composed of people who game, overclock and DIY in their real lives on a daily basis. In addition to designing entire product lines based on community feedback and ideas, the ROG crew has worked hard to build its own distinct online presence, as praised by AnandTech. TheROG forumsare described as highly active and successful, with helpful community and team members sharing knowledge and posting expert articles to guide those new to DIY and seasoned veterans alike. Alongside the forums, ROG continues to sponsor global gaming events, and hosts special venues such as the recent Absolute Zero overclocking marathon held at ASUS headquarters in Taipei, where several benchmarking world records were set.< /p>

    Everything for overclockers

    AnandTech makes special mention of the ROG insistence on accommodating overclockers, from beginners to the truly exotic and extreme. With particular success on Intel® X79 and Z77-based boards, exclusive ROG BIOS versions deliver the tuning facilities overclockers demand. They feature advanced modification capabilities, covering detailed memory timing adjustments, multiple overclocking profiles and automatic CPU Level Up features that make the most of processor potential. Likewise, ROG motherboards are notable for their great support for NVIDIA® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™ multi-GPU configurations. As such, they enable excellent benchmarking results in pure CPU, pure GPU and combined categories.

    Here is what AnandTech has to say about the decision to award ROG the prestigious accolade:
    “As a movement towards improving and innovating the motherboard landscape, I give the ASUS ROG brand an AnandTech Editors' Choice Gold Award. Users who participate in the Republic of Gamers are well catered for, and get the best ASUS has to offer in terms of help, information, previews, and experience. Even if the ROG brand has cost ASUS money since its inception, ASUS seems happy to do so if it keeps customers happy and their products at the top of the chain. That can only be good for the rest of us”, wrote Dr. Ian Cutress, Editor at AnandTech.