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    ASUS Readies Latest Motherboards for Upcoming Six-core CPUs

    Full Range of AMD-based Motherboards are Ready to Support Next-generation Personal Computing with Six Cores

    Taipei, Taiwan, March 30, 2010 – ASUS today announced a full range of motherboards that are ready to support the upcoming six-core AMD® Phenom™ II X6 processors to herald a new era in ultra-powerful personal computing.

    Early Praises from Media Organizations World-wide

    The AMD six-core processor-ready ASUS M4 Series motherboards deliver maximum performance on a mainstream platform. Joe Hsieh, General Manager of ASUS Motherboard Business, said, "Besides being ready to support six-core processors, the ASUS M4 Series gives users of every level the best performance and value with its Core Unlocker feature. This has received notable recognition from many of the world's top media organizations for delivering a phenomenal boost in performance." M4 Series motherboards with the exclusive Core Unlocker technology have also garnered global media accolades for being the best motherboard for AMD processors.

    Simple BIOS Upgrade For 6-core Activation

    ASUS' M4 Series motherboard is ready for the AMD Phenom™ II X6 processors. To enable six-core CPU and achieve maximum performance, users simply need to update the BIOS of their existing M4 Series.

    ASUS M4 Series motherboards ready for AMD Phenom II X6 processors

    Model Chipset BIOS Version
    M4A89GTD PRO AMD® 890GX/SB850 1104
    M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 AMD® 890GX/SB850 1104
    Crosshair III Formula AMD® 790FX/SB750 1503
    M4N72-E NVIDIA nForce® 750a SLI 2005
    M4N82 DELUXE NVIDIA nForce® 980a SLI with NVIDIA NVCC and ESA support 1803
    M4N75TD NVIDIA nForce® 750a SLI®
    Supports NVIDIA Clock Calibration(NVCC) function
    M4N98TD EVO NVIDIA nForce® 980a SLI
    Supports NVIDIA Clock Calibration(NVCC) function
    M4A79 Deluxe AMD® 790FX/SB750 3204
    M4A79T Deluxe AMD® 790FX/SB750 3004
    M4A78T-E AMD® 790GX/SB750 3204
    M4A78-E AMD® 790GX/SB750 2405
    M4A78-E SE AMD® 790GX/SB750 1405

    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.