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    ASUS Introduces Designo Series LED Monitors

    Style and Performance in an Environmentally Friendly Package

    Taipei, Taiwan, March 19, 2010 – ASUS today unveiled brand new additions to its Designo Series range—the MS248, MS238, MS228 and MS208 LED monitors. These eco-friendly, ultra-slim monitors feature 16.5mm profiles and 20" to 23.6" displays that deliver uncompromised performance and mind-blowing visuals. The cutting-edge MS Series LED monitors deliver a benchmark 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio for more lifelike images. Retaining the binary state-inspired concept that incorporates the numbers 1 and 0 into an ultra-slim design, these LED monitors come with a glittering sapphire blue rear bezel. They also retain the original's iconic Ergo-Fit Technology spherical ring stand that lets users adjust the monitor's tilt angle with just one finger. Each of these mercury-free LED monitors reduce energy consumption by up to 45%*, and lowers annual CO₂ emissions by 23.6kg.

    To See is to Believe

    Users will be treated to true-to-life visuals thanks to the exclusive ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) Technology, which enables the Designo MS Series LED monitors to deliver an industry contrast ratio benchmark of 10,000,000:1. LED-backlit panels provide flicker-free images, minimizing eye fatigue even after prolonged use. Full HD (1920x1080) and HDMI compatibility allows for high definition video playback while a 2ms (GTG) response time delivers crisp and sharp video. ASUS Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology optimizes color fidelity with five pre-set modes (gaming, theater, night view, scenery and standard), fulfilling users' visual needs with a touch of a button

    To Feel an Eco-chic Visual Artpiece

    The Designo MS Series LED monitors feature a sleek, ultra-slim 16.5mm form factor that saves users desk space, spelling the end of cluttered and cramped workstations. They also brighten up the drab image of monitors with colors that set them apart from other offerings on the market today—the MS Series front fascia comes with a high gloss piano-black finish and is partnered by a wave-contoured rear bezel finished in glittering sapphire blue. The exquisitely designed ring stand with ASUS-exclusive Ergo-Fit Technology allows for easy tilt angle adjustments with just one finger, ensuring that the monitor is always in a comfortable viewing position. The MS Series stands at a height equal to that of a notebook, and is ideal for those looking for a larger display to supplement their notebook.

    To Care with Green in Mind

    In keeping with ASUS' green initiatives, the Designo Series LED monitors have done away with the use of bulbs, replacing them with eco-friendly, mercury-free LED backlit panels. These LED monitors reduce energy consumption levels by 45%, saving 37.2kWh of electricity and reducing annual CO₂ emissions by 23.6kg—the equivalent of planting 1.9 trees that can contribute two years worth of oxygen for a family of four.

    Model MS248H MS238H MS228H MS208D/N
    Panel Size 23.6"W 23"W 21.5"W 20"W
    Optimal Resolution 1920x1080 1600x900
    Display Colors 16.7M
    Brightness (Max.) 250 cd/m2
    ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio 10,000,000:1
    Viewing Angle (CR≧10) 170°(H) / 160°(V)
    Response Time 2ms (gray-to-gray) 5ms
    Power Consumption
    (On/ Standby)
    35W/1W 33W/ 1W 30W/ 1W 25W/ 1W
    Splendid™ Yes (5 modes)
    Inputs HDMI/ D-Sub D-Sub / DVI-D(MS208N)
    Outputs Earphone jack(for HDMI only) HDMI audio-out n/a
    Tilt 10~20 degrees
    Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 568.3 x 413.7 x 152.9 566.2 x 406.8 x 150.9 519.5 x 377.6 x 155.9 496.8 x 362.4 x 150.9

    System information (calculations based on MS238H)
    - Resolution 1920 ✕1080 = 2.07 megapixels
    - Viewable screen size (inches):23, Viewable width (inches):20.05, Viewable height (inches):11.28
    - Power measured:active: 22W; sleep: 0.68W; off: 0.58W
    ErP working document requirement Tier 1: active 28 x 2.07 = 57.96 W; sleep: 2W; off: 1W
    Energy star on mode requirement: active: 9 x 2.07+0.05 x 20.05 x 11.28+3 = 32.96 W; sleep: 2W; off: 1W

    In comparisons with a similar-size conventional four-lamp LCD monitor, the MS238 achieves 45% in power savings

    The formula of annual energy consumption = (power active x time active + power sleep x time sleep + power off x time off)/1000,
    Using time of each mode: active 803 hr, sleep: 5491 hr, off : 2467 hr (monitor calculator, Energy Star, 2009)
    Base on above formula, the annual energy consumption of the MS238H = (22 x 803+0.68 x 5491+0.58 x 2467)/1000 = 22.83 kWh
    By applying the same formula, ErP standard is pegged at 59.99kWh
    MS238 consumption compared to ErP: 59.99-22.83=37.16kWh (round off to 37.20)

    (59.99 - 22.83) x 0.636 kgCO₂-e/ KWH (Electricity emission factor, based on the Taiwan Power Company announcement in 2008) =23.6 kgCO₂-e
    23.6kg CO₂-e / 12 kgCO₂-e absorption per tree per year (Plant a billion tree, UNEP, 2006) = 1.9tree(s)

    UNEP fact: In one year, an average tree takes in 12 kilograms (26 pounds) of CO₂ and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year; therefore 23.6kgCO₂-e is equivalent to 2 years