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    Ultrabook™ with discrete graphics and premium design

    • Powered with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors
    • Instant on 2-second resume and with auto data backup and recovery
    • HD wide-view anti-glare panel
    • Stylish backlit keyboard *
    • Up to 500GB hard drive plus hybrid 24GB SSD to accelerate performance
    • SonicMaster technology co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®
      increases audio performance with lifelike surround impact
    * Upgradable features available on ASUS ZENBOOKTM models
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      World’s first 13.3” ultrabook

      Now you can choose ZENBOOKTM Prime for the finest experience ZENBOOK Prime

      Singularly impactful beauty

      The beautiful slender profile of ZENBOOK™ is the result of intense research and development into sophisticated engineering techniques inspired by those used to create high-precision mechanical timepieces. The unique ‘spun-metal’ finish of the ZENBOOK™ lid alone requires a 32-step manufacturing process, and the finely crafted aluminium case features a combination of gentle curves and a sleek contour. With its stunning design and incredible performance, ZENBOOK™ is a perfectly balanced ultraportable.

      Luxury and looks made even more affordable

      Measuring 5.5mm to 18mm and weighing just 1.45Kg, artistically-crafted ZENBOOK presents a delectable hairline spun metal finish with precision-etched concentric circles. These reflect the infinite nature of Zen contemplation, and are accentuated by the use of light yet durable aluminum throughout the monoshell build. All these ensure that despite a more affordable price tag, ZENBOOK retains the premium quality of its series-mates.

      Advanced performance features

      Advanced performance features

      Superior portability, versatility and entertainment all converge at a highly affordable price point. ZENBOOK extends value with powerful graphics, offering Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000. That power drives a gorgeous HD wide view panel, perfect for multimedia and gaming. At the heart of it all are up to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors, and the speed and reliability of upto 500GB hard drive plus 24GB SSD hybrid storage.

      Advanced performance features

      Essence of Zen

      Essence of Zen

      Standard USB 3.0

      ZENBOOK cares for users with extended convenience and accessibility. For complete responsiveness, it offers true 2-second instant on, coupled with the peace of mind afforded by 10 days standby time. Exclusive ASUS USB Charger+ technology recharges all your mobile devices via USB, tapping an efficient battery that can last up to seven hours. Standard USB 3.0 transfers data up to ten times faster than USB 2.0, and to keep working and enjoying in the dark, the easy-type backlit keyboard is exactly what you need. All these premium features are ZENBOOK essentials, offered for the first time at a more affordable price point.

      Keep the fun going

      In addition to the HD wide-view IPS panel, ZENBOOK upgrades your video chats with an HD camera, and boosts sound enjoyment through select Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® speakers. This one of a kind ultrabook epitomizes sophisticated portability and entertainment in every way.

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