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    Smart Notebook, Smart You

    The ASUS N10Jh notebook epitomizes style and productivity through smart technologies and innovative product design. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor for energy efficient and versatile multitasking capabilities, the ASUS N10Jh combines portability in the form of extended battery life and high-speed mobile Internet access, with extensive storage options and typing ergonomics, all encapsulated in an ultra-stylish and undeniably trendy design.
      Product Image

      Style through Cutting Edge Technology and Design

      The ASUS N10Jh is a stunning piece of engineering, utilizing cutting edge technology which provides it with an exterior unlike any other. Its lid and palm rest are crafted using the ASUS Infusion technology, a process which provides the ASUS N10Jh with a coat of high gloss that protects it from day-to-day use. Underneath, a motif of iridescence provides it with an almost holographic effect. In fusing style and substance, ASUS N10Jh is a trendy mobile computing companion for a day in the office, or at the local café.

      Smart Performance

      A 10.2-inch LED-backlight display provides users with a comfortable view of their documents, as well as multimedia files and games. With a 320GB hard disk drive, users can pack more with them wherever they go. It is also equipped with a full-sized keyboard that not only minimizes dust accumulation and repels water, but also provides better typing ergonomics. Finally, with HDMI and Express card expandability, users can connect their ASUS N10Jh to a home entertainment system or boost their system’s capabilities with extra storage or memory.

      Cutting Edge Technology for Effortless Portability

      The ASUS N10Jh features a dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce™ G105M graphics card for stunning visuals and image clarity. It also features the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, which intelligently detects the prevailing usage of the user, and allocates just enough power to complete the given tasks. This results in energy savings of up to 6.5* hours, in power saving mode. Weighing only 1.4kg with a 3-cell battery, the ASUS N10JH also features high speed Internet access in the form of 802.11a/b/g/n draft. Bluetooth® 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) ensures the user can connect to other Bluetooth® compatible devices for effortless expandability, as well as flawless voice communications.