Nexus 7 10W Adapter and Cable

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    Adapt, recharge, and go further with your Nexus 7

    - Convenient detachable USB cable connects your Nexus 7 to the 10W adapter
    - Auto current detection adjusts to local standards and grids worldwide
    - Extra compact and light for an easy fit anywhere at home and on the move
    - Complete peace of mind when using your Nexus 7 as the battery never runs out!
      Product Image

      Technology keeps getting more compact and more convenient, but is still held back by the need to lug around a clunky power adapter to recharge devices. No more. Take power into your hands with a slim and compact adapter that works with almost every portable PC out there, plus takes in smartphones and tablets thanks to a dedicated USB charging point. Just drop it in your bag or even pocket and get going – no need to carry anything else, as power is always within easy reach.