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    ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 TranSleeve

    Product Image

    Better grip, better look, better protection!

    • Foldable design allows for placement styles dedicated to typing and video watching
    • Secure and durable microfiber exterior prevents damage plus custom hinges ensure secure attachment to your Transformer Prime
    • Multiple color options for a special personal touch in a slim and super portable design
      Product Image

      Better grip, better look, better protection!

      The Transformer Prime deserves stylish protection that safeguards your investment in portable computing, so here comes a new custom sleeve that does all that while looking extra-cool. Rugged but elegant microfiber materials, multiple color options, a foldable design that lets you form the sleeve to suit your needs, and even special hinges to guarantee a tight fit – this accessory thinks of everything!


      Snap the TranSleeve to your Transformer Prime
      Fold TranSleeve down
      Fold the tucked corners behind the TranSleeve
      Ready for Typing!

      Video Watching

      Lift the TranSleeve halfway up and tuck the corners in
      Roll the TranSleeve from the back
      Transform to video watching
      Ready for movie watching!

      Easy to put together and take off

      Snap the TranSleeve to your Transformer Prime
      Feel the click for a perfect grip
      Hold your Transformer Prime with TranSleeve and press TranSleeve down
      Pull TranSleeve out

      *1.Make sure to hold the Transformer itself. Do not hold the TranSleeve only as it may detach.
      *2.Please use a soft and slightly damp cloth to clean your Transformer Prime.