Transformer Pad TF300 Series Mobile Dock

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    Transform into a notebook and extend the battery life

    • Full QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch touchpad input
    • 15* hours of battery life for all day computing on your Transformer Pad when docked
    • USB 2.0 ports and SD card reader for easy sharing & storage
    • Three different colors to fit your style
      Product Image

      Transform to notebook mode with the mobile dock and get up to 15* hours of battery life

      You cannot deny that you miss the touch and feel of a real QWERTY keyboard. The Transformer Pad offers you a choice to enjoy both the notebook mode and the tablet mode with the optional mobile dock. The mobile dock offers a full QWERTY keyboard with touchpad, USB port and SD card slot, while also extending battery life to an incredible 15 hours for all day computing on the go. With Royal Blue, Iceberg White and Torch Red, the mobile dock fits your Transformer Pad perfectly!

      *Battery life is measured under power saving mode, 720p video playback, brightness at 60nits, default volume with headphones.