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      Wireless Routers

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      ASUS offers wireless routers for every purpose. No matter you are at home, on business trip, or other circumstances or environment, you can always find a ASUS router suitable for you.

      RT-N13U B1

      Wireless-N300 Router

      Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges

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      You can also expand your signal coverage to share signal to more devices through bridges. If you want to improve the speed and range of the current wireless network, you can find the access points, range extenders, and bridges here.

      xDSL Modem Routers

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      Your home gateway that integrates xDSL modem and router. ASUS xDSL modem routers offer high-speed and reliable connection to the Internet that is always on and connected.

      Wireless Adapters

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      A good wireless adapter is important for Internet connection. You can find different kinds of adapter here for your PC, NB, and other devices.

      WL-167G V3

      Wireless USB Adapter


      EZ N Network Adapter

      Wired Networking

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      Wired networking can provide stable connection. In this category, you can find wired routers and switches.

      Powerline Networking

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      One of the easiest methods to creating an integrated network via existing powerline. Connect one to your home router and the other into your room socket where you need your connection extended, and you can get the Internet.

      Bluetooth & Antennas

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      The high-gain antennas can help you upgrade your routers, find different kinds of antennas here.

      4G LTE / 3G Routers

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      Enjoy the 4G/LTE internet connection all around your home or office, with no worries about USB dongle compatibility — convenient and cable-free.