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    2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with 10” tablet

    • Small and light, with an Intel® quad-core processor
    • Comfortable keyboard dock and IPS display
    • Up to 11 hours battery life for all-day mobile use
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      Transform your mobile lifestyle
      2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with 10” tablet

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      Transform your mobile lifestyle
      The ultraportable transformed

      The ultraportable transformed The ultraportable transformed

      Transformer Book H100 is a compact ultraportable that combines the productivity features of a laptop with the easy portability of a tablet — and you can switch between the two in an instant. At just 1.07kg, H100 is one of the lightest laptops around, but detach the 10.1-inch display from the keyboard and it becomes an equally lightweight multi-touch tablet you can take anywhere. The sleek design features a durable finish, too, so H100 will always look its best.

      High-performance productivity High-performance productivity

      Transformer Book H100 is powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Z3740 quad-core processor for perfect balance of multi-tasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. With up to 11 hours battery life, H100 can last for more than a full working day before it needs to be recharged and with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 supplied preinstalled, your productivity will know no bounds. 32 / 64GB eMMC storage makes launching apps and saving files speedy, too, while USB 3.0 supports next-generation SuperSpeed storage devices for turbo-charged data transfers.

      High-performance productivity
      Stay unplugged for longer

      Stay unplugged for longer Stay unplugged for longer

      Transformer Book H100 lasts for up to 11 hours on battery power and, with exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology, you can enjoy extended standby times of up to two weeks with near-instant wake-up times. Just press the power button and H100 is ready for use in just two seconds, so there’s no waiting around when it’s time to work — or play. There’s no need to worry about data loss if H100 is left unused for longer, either. Data is also backed up automatically when the battery level drops to 5% in standby mode, so you won’t be in for a nasty surprise when you next switch on.

      The dock that rocks The dock that rocks

      Transformer Book H100 isn’t just a tablet with a keyboard dock — it’s designed from the get-go to be a fully functional laptop. Precision-engineered keys with ample travel make for comfortable typing and the multi-touch touchpad complements the multi-touch display with full Windows 8.1 gesture support. The dock also features USB 3.0 with full support for next-generation high-speed storage devices, while a Micro-HDMI port on tablet means you can connect H100 to a Full HD TV for big-screen entertainment.

      The dock that rocks
      Serious sound quality

      Serious sound quality Serious sound quality

      Developed by the team of experts in the ASUS Golden Ear team, SonicMaster audio technology uses a tailored mix of hardware and software to enhance sound quality to a level far above what you might expect from so small a laptop. Stereo speakers with large resonance chambers give rich, rounded bass and sophisticated audio processing tools boost the frequency range to make music, movies and games sound fantastic.

      A screen that’s easy on the eyes A screen that’s easy on the eyes

      Taking a tablet to bed is one way to catch up on some reading, but it’s not always advisable. Bright light can dazzle in a dark environment and the high-energy visible light emitted by traditional computer displays has been linked to age-related macular degeneration. Transformer Book H100 features a special ‘reading mode’ to help avoid this. When activated, it automatically adjusts the screen settings to reduce the amount of high-frequency blue/violet light to create a more comfortable reading experience.

      A screen that’s easy on the eyes
      A new way to watch, listen and play

      A new way to watch, listen and play A new way to watch,
      listen and play

      Transformer Book H100 features Windows 8.1 with a host of updated Xbox entertainment apps. Xbox Music lets you stream millions of songs for free, and Xbox Games connects to your Xbox Gamertags, too, so it’s easy to connect and play with friends. H100 is also for a more immersive gaming experience with an Xbox 360 games console. You can also use H100 as a second game screen while you play — and all without a wire in sight.

      Access your data and files anytime, anywhere Access your data and files anytime, anywhere

      Transformer Book H100 comes with unlimited ASUS WebStorage free for one year. WebStorage makes it easy to store and share data in the cloud — personal files, photos, music, movies and more. WebStorage automatically syncs across other devices, so there’s no need to carry files around on a USB flash drive — all you need is an internet connection. WebStorage lets you stream media when you’re on the move, too, and sharing files with friends takes just a few clicks.

      Access your data and files anytime, anywhere