Desktop PC

Desktop Warranty Policy

Product Warranty

Standard Warranty



Depending on territory

The warranty may vary from countries to countries within each territory.

  1. Warranty period may differ regionally, please check with your purchase point.
  2. Warranty invalid if damage/dysfunction caused by improper handling/usage, destruction;
  3. Warranty invalid if serial label is removed, broken;
  4. Warranty invalid if disassembly by end-user or non-ASUS-authorized repair centers.
  5. Please visit “ASUS premium care” webpage on ASUS support site for Warranty extension or special warranty package information; for service during extended warranty coverage, please contact point of purchase.

If you are interested in buying additional extended warranty (eg. additional 3-year warranty) from ASUS to prevent unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs, please contact us.Our sales rep will contact you and provide you with details of available options.

* ASUS commits to provide life cycle extension service to EPEAT registered products. We provide additional warranty and replacement parts five years after end of production of the EPEAT registered products. Please link here to find more information.