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    Multi-Functional Gigabit Wireless N Router with storage,printer and media server

    N Series Wi-Fi Router Powerful CPU provides a high-performance throughput Support up to 300,000 sessions for extensive P2P clients. Most widespread application with USB2.0 port : All-in-1 printer server and FTP files sharing Ultra-fast and Convenient Downloads with the Revolutionary Download Master
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      RT-N16 has enough bandwidth and processing power to simultaneously handle file transfers and downloads, video streaming, games and VoIP calls. Advanced MIMO technology makes it all possible.

      EZQoS – Easy Bandwidth Management

      Simplified Setup Process

      • Press the WPS Button to easily set up a secure and protected wireless network.


      Access and share your local disk everywhere! To share media content with friends, just open the browser, type in your DDNS address (ex. ftp://YourName.asuscomm.com )

      EZ All-In-One Printer

      Sharing All-In-One Printer printing and scanning functions wirelessly for multiple user simultaneously without buying a printer server. Easy installation! Just run the “ASUS Network Printer Setup” program and follow the instructions.

      Enhanced Download Master

      Download Master, a unique technology found in ASUS wireless solutions, features several innovations to simplify the download process. Turn the RT-N16 router into a wireless storage center by attaching an external hard drive via USB 2.0. Download Master runs independent to the computer system, which means it takes up zero computing resource.

      24/7 Non-Stop BT Download

      HTTP, FTP, BT (BitTorrent) download protocols can be download automatically from the internet. You can keep downloading even when PC is off.

      Super speed for P2P download

      RT-N16 can support up to 300,000 sessions for P2P download with super speed, allows more users and clients to connect to internet and ensures an ultra-stable network connection.