• A New Gold Standard

      Starting 2013, ASUS motherboards arrive adorned in gold highlights, showcasing a completely new look. According to ASUS Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales Jackie Hsu, this signifies ASUS always offering the gold standard in quality, performance, and innovation. The color palette was also chosen to illustrate ASUS motherboards combining fully-featured designs and attractive visual styles for better system building experiences.

    • Quality And Innovation

      ASUS gold reflects the quality of our motherboards. It echoes the ASUS insistence on always providing the highest standards in motherboard reliability and innovation. While clearly differentiating our boards from other brands, the metallic gold heatsinks, slots, and connectors we use are color-matched to give motherboards a striking and uniform two-tone design, which stands out in the typically black cases of new PC builds.

    • Warm And Regal Styling

      The ASUS Design Team has combined advanced material and mechanical engineering to deliver an outstanding visual effect. The new heatsinks have a gear-like shape, echoing the workings of the finest watches, while their larger surface areas offer better heat dissipation. The redesign aims to bring a sense of powerful beauty to heatsinks, which are typically treated as commodity parts by other brands. Multi-tiered shapes and fine-threaded polishing imbue the new gold heatsinks with a deep luster, contributing to motherboards that are as visually stunning as they are stable, reliable, and loaded with unique features.

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