ASUS Notebook


Thin and light.
Outstanding portability makes it easy to extend classrooms or desks virtually — to libraries, student centers, cafeterias, dorm rooms or even field trips.

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ASUS Desktop PC

Desktop PC

ASUS desktop PCs are perfect for any educational environment, providing different choices for different learning scenarios, including discrete graphics for visual educational programs.

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ASUS All-in-One PC

All-in-One PC

ASUS All-in-One PCs’ space-saving design allows the to fit into different educational environments. Meanwhile the touch-enabled panel are prefect for interactive educational programs.

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EeeBox PC

ASUS EeeBox PCs are made compact to save space in any classroom, even offering select models with a VESA-mountable design that attaches behind a compatible monitor. Not just for the tech lab, these PCs also power digital signage for school hallways and projectors.

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ASUS Monitor


The latest LED business monitors that cater to SMBs by delivering superb visuals with superior brightness. It is ideal for everyday office workers that require crisp, clear views.

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ASUS Workstation


ASUS Workstations fulfills the needs of professionals in graphics, GPU computing, and game development applications.

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ASUS Server


ASUS servers offer the most optimized systems for HPC and data center. Providing the power needed for high-end scientific research and virtualization technology for manageable computing resources at classrooms.

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ASUS Projector


Enjoy bright, crisp projections with ASUS LED Projectors. Highly efficient LED lighting provides up to 10X longer lifespan. Its compatibility with most ASUS laptop adapters makes it the ideal ASUS business combo.

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