How to use EasyFlash to update BIOS of ASUS Notebook ?

You can use EasyFlash to update BIOS and EasyFlash has some of the features below:

- You can do the operation in BIOS directly without any other software.

- The interface is friendly.

-  You can’t downgrade the BIOS version.



- Make sure you have backed up the data before upgrading BIOS.

- The operation screen may be different since the version of the model.

- Please make sure the model of the ASUS Notebook is correct and download the latest BIOS.

- Please put the BIOS file to the disk, such as C disk.

- Please connect the power supply during the operation.


For example: We put the BIOS file in C disk. 


Steps (we use ASUS N550JV as the sample): 

1-1 Boot the system and press F4 to enter EasyFlash when the ASUS logo appears.

1-2 Or you can boot the system and press F2 to enter BIOS.

      Click [Advanced] -> Select [Start Easy Flash]


(The BIOS interface for model B/P series)



The interface of EasyFlash.



2. Select the BIOS file and press [enter].


3. Select [Yes] and press [enter] to upgrade BIOS.


4. Start programming flash.