How to use EasyFlash to update the BIOS of the notebook ?

EasyFlash directly update in BIOS, it has the following characteristics:

* Quick operation, operate under the BIOS directly, without additional software

* Interface is simple, but users need to have some basic computer

* can only be from an older version to a newer version, you can not downgrade BIOS


Updating the BIOS may cause the risk does not boot, be sure to make backup job

older models operation setting screen may be slightly different

* Make sure the notebook model and download the latest version of the BIOS (after downloading the file as a compressed file, unzip)

* Keep the decompressed BIOS file to get placed in the drive (or flash drive), such as the C drive root directory

entire update process, please connect the batteries and transformers, and exercise caution to avoid pressing the keyboard, mouse, or plug a USB device, such as watching the following difficulties remain after the operation, or abnormal, it is recommended to ASUS service center for update operations

Below BIOS file in the root directory of the C drive example:



Methods of operation (in N550JV models, for example):

1. The off state, press the power button, the ASUS logo when constantly press the F4 key to enter Easyflash interface:

Boot or pressing F2 enter the BIOS, Advanced Options, find the Start Easy Flash and press the Enter key, may also enter EasyFlash:



Part B / P series models BIOS interface as follows



Login Easy Flash screen



2. Use the arrow keys to select the partition, press Enter to select the BIOS file directory partition

Through the arrow keys, the following figure on the left list, select the disk drive where the BIOS, such as FS0 \ FS1 \ FS2 \ FS3 \ FS4 ...... then deposited through the arrow keys to select a good BIOS file, press the Enter key. (You can FS0 \ FS1 \ FS2 \ FS3 \ FS4 ...... understood as five different names partitions)




3. Then pop update confirmation window to confirm the update request via the arrow keys to select Yes, press Enter to confirm, Easy Flash BIOS verifies the validity start updating BIOS



4. Press OK to begin the update after Easy Flash, will carry erase (Erasing Flash) and then write :



5. After writing, Easy Flash will automatically validate and automatically shut down.