Windows 8-How to refresh/reinstall Operation System?



Windows 8 New Features - Refresh / Reinstall your System.

Windows 8 has two new features - Refresh Windows & Reinstall Windows.

The different of the two features is as below.

Refresh : Keep the personal files and remove the applications.

Reinstall : Restore the system to factory default settings. All personal files and applications will be removed.


When you encounter the abnormal issue , ,   ,, you can try to refresh the system.

Otherwise, you can try to reinstall the system.


1. Click "Settings".


2. Click "Change PC settings".


3. Click "General" -> Select "Refresh your PC without affecting your files " -> Click "Get started".


If the operating system is "Windows 8.1", please click "Update and recovery", then select [Refresh your PC without affecting your files].

4. Click "Next".


5. Click "Refresh" to start the refresh process.


6. Once the refresh process is done, you can find a Removed Apps list on the desktop.


7. You can find the removed  apps while refreshing your system.