ASUS CUBE with Google TV

    ASUS CUBE with Google TV

    Bring the world of entertainment to your TV

    • Works with existing HDTV and existing cable or satellite system to provide access to the over-the-air TV, Internet content, streaming services and Android apps.
    • Use Voice Search(5) to quickly find what you want on live TV, the web, or on-demand services such as Google Play(5), Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix(1).
    • Get 50GB of ASUS WebStorage(2)accessible on your PC and mobile devices.
    • Universal remote with 2-in-1 directional and touchpad, QWERTY keyboard and built-in microphone.
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      Bring the World of Entertainment to your TV

      Bridging the gap between the Internet and live TV, ASUS CUBE with Google TV offers access to endless entertainment. Watch live TV or stream content from the Internet, try a made-for-TV app, or surf the Internet with Chrome. Along with 50GB of ASUS WebStorage and (2) USB ports, ASUS CUBE with Google TV can playback your favorite home movies, your family and friends’ latest videos and much more. Bring the world of entertainment to your TV with a simple cube.

      Quickly Find All Your Entertainment

      Easily find and access all your apps with specially ASUS CUBE user interface. Organize and sort your apps into categories such as TV & Movies, Games, Sports, Music, News and Favorites for easier and quicker access to all your apps.

      Do-it-All Remote

      Search button

      Bring up the search bar with one click to quickly find all your favorite videos, TV shows, movies, web content, apps, and much more!

      Motion control

      Play motion games using the remote’s integrated motion sensor.

      Directional pad

      Navigate and browse content intuitively using the directional pad or touchpad

      Netflix button

      One click to instantly watch thousands of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix as part of the most intuitive living room entertainment experience.

      Voice Search(5) button

      Click and speak search terms for quick results with the built-in microphone

      Cursor toggle button

      Toggle on/off cursor functionality to switch between directional pad or touchpad mode

      50GB of WebStorage FREE!

      Get 50GB of WebStorage FREE to store and share content across devices. Available on the web, PC, and mobile devices, access your stored content anywhere

      Featuring the latest of Google TV

      Voice Search(5)

      Whether you are looking for a specific show, channel, app or web content, activate the built-in microphone on the remote and get results instantly


      PrimeTime(5) offers a single point of access for live TV and on-demand content. It also provides personalized recommendations. Quickly search and browse live TV and the web for shows and movies availability

      Google Play(5)

      Google Play(5) offers access to thousands of titles and apps so you can bring the entertainment of your choice to your TV

      Google Chrome

      Access your favorite websites and browse the internet on the big screen with Chrome.


      Watch YouTube in full HD right on your TV. Pair it with your phone or tablet, and send YouTube videos with the touch of a button to the big screen

      Mobile Remote

      Download Google TV Remote application on to your mobile device to control your ASUS CUBE with Google TV

      I/O Ports

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      2. Netflix is registered trademark of Netflix. Netflix membership is not included.Please visit Netflix website for infirmation on service subscription.
      3. Google, Google TV, Google Play, YouTube, and their respective logos are trademarks of Google Inc.
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      5. Feature availability varies by country. For features available in your country, visit