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    Connectivity Combo

    Product Image

    Adopt, connect, and get more!

    • Both USB to Ethernet and mini VGA to VGA usability in one portable product
    • Extended access thanks to ease of carrying and storage: fits in any bag!
    • Supports 10/100 LAN through USB to Ethernet adapter with an RJ-45 port
    • Mini VGA to VGA adapter enables easy connections to external displays
      Product Image

      Adapt, connect, and get more!

      No matter the device, connectivity and better usage have just become a lot easier. Compact and light, the dual kit is a breeze to take with you, and unlocks instant Ethernet online access via a USB adapter, so any compatible device transforms into instant internet readiness. Likewise, the mini VGA to VGA adapter makes hooking up any compatible device to an external display easy with the universality of the VGA standard. Regardless of what device you’re using, all you need is a USB port and a mini VGA port, and Connectivity Combo does the rest!