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    Highlighting Performance with a Dash of Color

    • Intuitive touchscreen for an incredible computing experience
    • Available in four distinct, vibrant colors to fit your personality
    • Instant On: the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II wakes the notebook from hibernation mode in just 2 seconds and auto-saves data when battery life falls below 5%
    • ASUS SonicMaster Lite technology delivers surprisingly full sound from built-in speakers
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      • Incredible


        Vibrant portability

        The new ASUS K200MA laptop is available in four vibrant colors. Its slim, compact dimensions tip the scales at just 3.0lbs, ensuring you have a laptop that is both stylish and easy to carry.

      • Available in four expressive colors

        The ASUS K200MA comes in four vibrant colors of your choice: Gentle Black or Elegant White for a classic look, and Hot Pink or Ocean Blue for an extra splash of character/pizzazz.

      • Slim and lightweight portable design

        Blending style with portability, the slim design features a 10.1” display housed within a frame that's only 1” thin and 3.0 lbs light. It is a laptop you can take with you wherever you go.

      • 720p HD camera for video chats

        Keep in touch with family and friends with the 720 HD camera. Thanks to high-sensitivity sensors, the K200MA gives you a crystal clear picture with a smooth video stream even in lowlight conditions.

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        All at your fingertips

        The ASUS K200MA notebook delivers a smooth and intuitive Windows 8 experience through its frameless touch display and touchpad. With everything at your fingertips, the ASUS K200MA helps you make the most out of this new operating system.

      • In touch with Windows 8

        The touch display found on the ASUS K200MA notebook is more sensitive and responsive to your inputs, with actuators that are 5mm in diameter, 45% smaller than Microsoft’s 9mm requirements. These ensure the display remains sensitive and responsive to your Windows 8 touch inputs.

      • Large touchpad with Smart Gesture technology

        The ASUS K200MA laptop has a touchpad that is 41% larger than those found in other 11.6-inch laptops. This multi-touch touchpad features Smart Gesture technology for multi-finger input, and recognizes intuitive pinch-zoom, multi-finger scrolling, and rotating command gestures.

      • Ergonomic chiclet keyboard

        The ASUS K200MA laptop features a seamless keyboard with a one-piece construction to prevent key float. This ergonomically designed keyboard ensures silent keystrokes and adequately-spaced keys for quick, accurate typing.

      • Incredible


        Incredible sound with SonicMaster

        ASUS SonicMaster technology delivers a finely-tuned mix of beautiful design, superior audio hardware, and professional-grade audio enhancement software to deliver the ultimate sound experience on your ASUS K200MA laptop.

      • SonicMaster-enhanced Audio

        Developed by professional sound engineers, SonicMaster combines larger speakers and resonance chambers with precisely-tuned software to deliver rich, detailed sound on your ASUS K200MA laptop.

        • WIDE RANGE
      • AudioWizard Maxx Audio Tuning

        AudioWizard is an audio tuning software that comes with six pre-set audio modes. You can switch between these optimized audio setting to ensure you get the best experience when listening to music and watching movies.

      • Incredible


        Incredible responsiveness readily at hand

        The ASUS K200MA laptop is powered by an Intel® processor for smooth responsive computing to give you a device that is geared for everyday tasks or multimedia entertainment. In addition, the ASUS K200MA features USB3.0 for smartphone-like responses and high speed data transfers respectively.

      • Choice of Intel® processors

        The ASUS K200MA laptop is available with a variety of Intel® processors, it is the perfect mainstream laptop for those looking for a productive multitask computing and entertainment platform

      • Speed and security with Super Hybrid Engine II

        The ASUS-exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II with Instant On provides smartphone-like accessibility and allows the laptop to resume from sleep mode in just two seconds. Data is automatically saved when battery level drops below 5%, so you don't lose your documents.

      • Ultra-fast speeds with USB 3.0

        The ASUS X200MA laptop comes with USB 3.0 to give you ultra-fast data transfer speeds that are up to 10 times that of USB 2.0. All your files and content can be copied and backed up in seconds. Say goodbye to long waiting times – transferring a 25GB Blu-ray-quality movie now takes a mere 70 seconds.

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        Store, share, and sync

        ASUS cloud services provide the most complete platform for online living that's accessible anywhere from a host of devices. With ASUS WebStorage, convenience is the main priority, offering you easy storage, sharing, and syncing of everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content. Each F series comes with 3GB of WebStorage space free for the three years, and offers you the MyBitCast app so you can easily sync your content to multiple devices and accounts simultaneously.

      • Sync and share the easy way

        Each K200MA one comes with 3GB of ASUS WebStorage free that's instant extra room for your precious content, at no cost to you.

      • Your life in sync

        With MyBitCast, conveniently save, sync, and share content with anyone on a wide variety of devices. Documents, photos, music, and videos can be accessed from any mobile device wherever internet is available.